Valentine’s Chocolate – Going Cheap!

Valentine’s Day came and went, leaving behind lots of unpurchased chocolate in frilly heart boxes.  Chocolate bars in red flowery wrappers.  Sadly enough, there is no demand for this chocolate now… merchants slash the prices and it sits in clearance bins.  But that chocolate still tastes as good as it did on Feb. 14th!  It will still taste delicious for several months to come.  What should we do with all of that chocolate?
Valentine's Chocolate

Though all brides wish they had an unlimited wedding budget, that is most often not the case.  The key is to cut corners but still appear lavish.  Lightbulb: Clearance Valentine’s Chocolate!  Go buy it before it’s all gone!  Stash it away for a few months until your big day is here (be sure not to open it too soon… no reason to tempt yourself – you have a dress to fit into!).  Put small chocolates into cute little boxes and finish with a bow or monogram.  A fabulous favor that no one will know came from the clearance bin!  It will be our little secret.

(photo credit: Rebecca Thuss)

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

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