Gender Reveal Cupcakes

When you’re expecting a new addition to the family, there’s nothing quite like the moment you find out the gender of your little one.  Will there be pink tutus or snakes and snails in your future?   The days of waiting until the actual birth to find out the sex of your baby are long gone.  Most couples choose to find out ahead of time and many plan fun ways to share their big news with friends and family!  I’m loving all of the creative gender reveal ideas and parties we’ve been seeing lately and this one absolutely takes the cake!  Literally!  Well, I guess technically it is a cupcake, but you get the idea.   We’re definitely inspired by these clever Gender Reveal Cupcakes, created by Cream & Flutter.

Gender Reveal Cupcakes | by Cream & Flutter on

Trisha Sutton, co-owner of Cream & Flutter and proud mom-to-be, gives us the scoop:

“Around here, when there’s something to celebrate, we turn to cake.  Our family and friends have been “patiently” waiting to find out the gender of Baby Sutton.  I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and we finally got the news.  To make the big surprise even more delicious, I decided to hand out gender reveal cupcakes!  So I whipped up a batch of dark chocolate cupcakes, filled them with the appropriate color of vanilla bean cream filling, topped them with a layer of rich chocolate ganache, and finished them off with a charming (and mysterious!) little question mark.”

Gender Reveal Cupcakes | by Cream & Flutter on

How adorable, right?  Just think of how delighted your friends and family would be… they get to share in your exciting news AND enjoy a cupcake!  How could that get any better?

Gender Reveal Cupcakes | by Cream & Flutter on

A very special thank you to Trisha and Amanda from Cream & Flutter for sharing their ingenious Gender Reveal Cupcakes with us today!  Best wishes and congrats to Trisha on her new little man.  I have a feeling he’s going to be quite the baker!

Cupcakes : Cream & Flutter

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