Bold, Daring & New: Entrement Cakes

Over the years, I’ve seen a few cakes.  And just when I think I’ve seen everything, I realize that creative minds are always working to push new boundaries.   That’s why I love introducing you to new ideas and trends.  And oh my, today is going to be a very trendy day!!  When I first saw today’s cake,  I was curious, confused and amazed all at once!  Is it real?  What’s it made of… concrete?  Fascinated, I had to find out more!

Marcella Robin, the talented artist behind these cakes, can confirm that they are indeed real AND… completely edible.  Marcella is the owner, baker, designer and chief mastermind at MRobin Cakes in Portland.  Her entremet cakes are made of sponge cake, layered with a variety of creams, custards, and mousses.  It is then wrapped in a thin exterior layer of sponge cake known as jaconde.  Unlike a traditional cake, the design is not created from frosting or fondant but baked into the exterior sponge for an ultra smooth finish.  Coupled with Marcella’s graphic designs, the result are bold and daring!

Graphic Entrement Cake by MRobin  |

Marcella was first introduced to decorative sponges in pastry school.  After graduating, she decided to start experimenting with jaconde and truly explore the possibilities of this medium.  After years of cake making and designing, her main focus now is entremet wedding cakes.

Graphic Entrement Cake by MRobin  |

A few thoughts from Marcella of MRobin Cakes:

“I am in love with entremets.  The graphic quality of the jaconde coupled with the traditional form of the stacked cakes is gorgeous to me.  They are, traditional, modern, androgynous, and have an air of inevitability about them that I find perfectly mysterious.  As a designer and baker, I find the play between technique and taste so interesting — the flavor profiles and textures are unlimited.”

Graphic Entrement Cake by MRobin  |

Graphic Entrement Cake by MRobin  |

A peek at the inside reveals strawberry bavarois, vanilla sponge, almond dacquoise and strawberry conserve layered and then wrapped in a poppy seed and almond sponge cake.  It looks simply decadent!  And I’m really loving the bold yellow and strong lines on this next one…

Graphic Entrement Cake by MRobin  |

You’re intrigued aren’t you?  I just keep looking at these designs, slightly mesmerized, envisioning the possibilities.  A huge thank you to Marcella Robin for sharing her cutting edge cakes with us!  We love your concept and creativity.  You can see more of Marcella’s stunning entrement cake creations on her website, MRobin Cakes.

Vendors & Credits:
Cake:  MRobin Cakes

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

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