Birthdays, Confetti & Cakes Giveaway!

With my daughter’s first birthday party so recently behind us, I’ve had first birthday mania on the brain for months now!  First birthdays are such a special celebration, marked by laughter, family and cake!  So it’s only fitting that today’s post is all about birthdays and cake, featuring a precious first birthday cake AND a giveaway!  A treat for everyone involved… I’m thrilled to share a cake created by one of my very favorite cake designers, you’re going to flip over this little guy, and someone will win a fab prize!  Sounds like the perfect way to start off a new week!

Today’s post features THE most adorable first birthday cake, created by the uber talented Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes.  Elisa created this cute and cuddly little owl for her daughter Sophie’s first birthday.  With it’s corduroy-like textures and amazing stitching details, this cake is oh-so-darling!  I’m guessing this is just the first of many extraordinary cakes for Miss Sophie… the perk of having an accomplished cake designer like Elisa as your mother!  And while the rest of us strive to create cakes as flawless as this one, today’s giveaway will put you one step closer to that goal!  That’s right, one lucky Half Baked reader will win a copy of Elisa’s book, Confetti Cakes for Kids! So many great design ideas and techniques to help you create THE most adorable cake for the special kiddos in your life.
Confetti Cakes for Kids Giveaway

Really, could Sophie’s first birthday owl be any cuter?  The little flowered wings, corduroy pocket, pint sized bow and coordinating smash cake… oh my goodness!  Not to mention those owl eyes, complete with flirty little lashes.  Looks like Elisa’s months of planning paid off with a picture-perfect cake creation.  Yes, that’s right.  Months!  A cake like this doesn’t happen overnight!  Elisa shares with us some insight as to her planning process:

“Perhaps it’s only my fellow cake designers who can understand the stress (I put on myself) for my daughter’s first birthday cake. In fact, my husband jokingly reminded me TWICE that he ordered a sheet cake, NOT a sculpted cake (a.k.a. cake that will take days to bake, sculpt and decorate) but OF COURSE I was not going to serve a sheet cake at my own daughter’s first birthday party.

So the stress actually started months ahead of time deciding on a design. I finally chose an owl because we affectionately coined the phrase for my daughter “owl eyes” for when she should be sleeping in her stroller but we see her bright large eyes looking back at us.”

3D Owl Cake by Elisa Strauss

Who-Who-Who’s so adorable?!?  A huge thank you to Elisa Strauss for sharing her daughter’s precious owl cake with us!  Now, on to the Confetti Cakes for Kids Giveaway… Here’s how to enter:

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Giveaway ends Sunday, October 9th at midnight CST. A winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Monday, October 10th . The winner must claim their prize before Friday, October 14th or a new winner will be selected. You must be 18 years old and either a U.S. or Canadian resident to enter. Maximum of 4 entries per person.  

Good luck everyone! Happy Monday!

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

Carrie Sellman is the Founder & Editor of The Cake Blog. Her work has been published in BRIDES Magazine, Country Living Magazine and featured online at People, Today, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, Real Simple, TLC, The Cooking Channel and more.


  1. 2

    Sarah says

    I would use this for new ideas, since making cakes for 3 kids for the past 4 years has got my imagination a little tapped out.

  2. 4

    JacQueline says

    I love doing birthday parties for daughters and this would give me so new wonderful ideas!

  3. 9

    Kim H. says

    I’ve been wanting Elisa’s books for soooo long! Would love to get my hands on one to learn some new techniques and ideas for my son’s birthdays!

  4. 14

    Rainy Porter says

    I’m a beginner cake designer and love to see what other designers can do and love to learn from them!

  5. 16

    sydney85 says

    This books looks amazing! I am always on the lookout for sheer genius and I think Elisa is just that.

  6. 17

    Kim Losee says

    Saw this great post / cake on fb. Fabulous! Love to have this book for inspiration, ideas and to share with my 2 little bakers in training! Thanks!

  7. 19

    Laura V. says

    The book looks adorable. I am in need of some new ideas with 3 kids to make cakes for.

  8. 24

    Alisa Seidling says

    Elisa Strauss’ cakes are so darn cute!!! I love her books – I check them out frequently at the library, but there is always a waiting list so I would love to own one for myself. My kids would adore a cake like this for their birthday.

  9. 28

    Kaity McIntyre says

    This book is adorable! I’ve had my eye on it for a while. Great job, Half Baked, I love you’re stuff :)

  10. 30

    Kim C says

    I love the creativity and colors in this book, would love to use for baking up special cakes for the kiddos! (but adults could appreciate too!)

  11. 40

    Jenna says

    I am the resident pastry chef in my family and among friends, this book would definitely be put to good use! And, my mom’s birthday is coming up!

  12. 45

    Jenmarie says

    I am actually doing an owl theme for my daughter’s first birthday coming up! would put the book to good use for sure!!

  13. 48

    Darcy says

    Recently I’ve had the desire to learn to be more creative in the dessert department. I’ve always just bought a cake, afraid of attempting something in my own kitchen…but now I am at a place where I would love to learn or have help attempting to make a fun creation. I also have 3 little kids who I will enjoy including on this new adventure.

  14. 49


    I have Elisa’s other Confetti Cakes cookbook, so this would go well with it.

    The details in this cake (stitching, embossing, and those precious eyelashes) are what set Elisa Strauss apart from the rest! Truly Amazing!

  15. 52

    Hannah says

    Well, my daughters second birthday is coming up and I have a new little one on the way!

  16. 53

    Coy Reantaso says

    I’ve been wanting to have this book for a long time!! Her cakes were awesome!!

  17. 55


    First of all I love the 1st birthday cake and I stress over every cake I make so I feel your pain for it to be perfect. I would put this book to good use. I already follow half baked on Facebook

  18. 57

    Patti Dame says

    I love Confetti Cakes and would love to have this book…it would come in very handy as I have 4 children!! :)

  19. 62

    Christy Anderson says

    I checked this book out from the local library and renewed it as many times as allowed. I would love to make everything in it!

  20. 63

    Virginia says

    I love making Kid’s cakes! They are my fav. and with a 2 year old at home and one on the way I am sure to put this book to good use!!!

  21. 64

    Vanessa says

    I love making cakes especially for kids, I’ve always done my nephews birthday cakes and can not wait to make my own kid’s cake.

  22. 65

    Kim says

    I make cakes for my little girl’s birthday every year and this book would help me come up with new ideas.

  23. 66

    Lisa says

    I will put the book to great use. I have 2 kids and lots of birthdays to plan. it’s also something I can hand down.

  24. 68

    Stephanie Wickstrom says

    I am an infant and toddler teacher for early intervention and a mother of 2 – I would put your book to excellent use!!!

  25. 69

    Martha says

    This book has been on my Amazon wishlist for months and months … Now I have grandchild number one who is moving from Canada to Texas to be close to his Nana. Lots of fun cakes will be coming out of my kitchen!

  26. 75

    Jenny says

    I always try to make a social cake for birthdays, so this book would be a great help to me.

  27. 80

    Nicole says

    I have been dying for this book! My nephew’s bday is coming up and would love to make a cake out of this book for him!

  28. 83

    Tziona says

    I would use this book for inspiration for my precious Goddaughter’s future birthdays.

  29. 85

    Harla Hill says

    Between my nieces, nephews, and my daughter, and considering my family throws a party for EVERYTHING…I would use this book pretty much all the time!

  30. 86

    Sarah M says

    I love Elissa!!! she has inspired me with her endless creativity and I will put this book to good use as I will be attempting an owl cake in January, this will come in handy for inspiration!!!

  31. 88


    I’d like to take it to my cake club and start a group to trade off donating birthday cakes on a monthly basis to the local children’s hospital! :)

  32. 90


    Since I’m a new aunt I’d love to have this book to fix cakes for my sweet nephew. Also, for my future children someday. :) Love your work!!!

  33. 95

    Mirna says

    I’ll use it for inspiration but I’m sure that just looking at the amazing photos will be enough to make me happy, I’ll spend hours with my nose in that book.

  34. 100


    i would use this book as inspiration for the two nephews and five nieces birthday cakes, as you can tell the book would be put to great use. I would also use it to learn great ways to enhance my cake decorating skills