DIY: Pudgy Mummy Cupcakes

My family and I are on the move this week.  Literally moving across the country!  While we pack, load and spend way too many hours in a car over the next few days… some very talented ladies will stop in with guest posts!  Our friend Brittany over at Edible Details has created a frightfully fun Halloween tutorial for us today.  In a few simple steps, your ordinary cupcake will be mummified!  Another great way to spook up your Halloween treats that’s quick, easy and fun for all.  Check out these super cute, Pudgy Mummy Cupcakes!
Halloween Mummy Cupcake Tutorial

Halloween Mummy Cupcakes DIY

Halloween Mummy Cupcake DIY

Halloween Mummy Cupcake Tutorial

Pudgy Mummy Cupcakes

Cupcake & Icing
Piping Bag with Large Round Tip
White & Black Fondant
Rolling Pin


  1. Using a thicker icing (about the consistency of Creamy Peanut butter) Pipe 2 “Dollops” of icing onto your cupcake. (This as is would be a great base to turn into some cute ghosts!)
  2. Roll fondant out to about 8″ long and about the thickness of a toothpick.
  3. Cut fondant into strips and wrap around your icing. Let the ends fall below the icing line and leave the little icing curl exposed at the top for added cuteness!  NOTE: Be sure to leave an open patch of icing in the middle for the mummy’s eyes.
  4. For the Mummy Hands: Roll out 3/4″ long balls of fondant and cut 3-4 slits into the fondant to create fingers.
  5. Press hands into the icing below the wraps.
  6. Make two little beady eyes out of the black fondant and place on the exposed icing.

Your mummy is ready for the party!  A huge thank you to Brittany at Edible Details for creating such a fun tutorial for us!  Hope you enjoy her super cute, Pudgy Mummy Cupcakes this Halloween!  You can see more of Brittany’s edible fondant creations on the Edible Details Website and FaceBook Page.

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

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