DIY: Modern Christmas Cookies

Callye of The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle is stopping by to share some of her cookie magic…

For some reason, many people don’t think they are capable of decorating perfect sugar cookies.  This is simply untrue.  With a little practice and experience ANYONE can create beautiful cookies.  Today I’m going to share a fun little tip to help you along on your cookie decorating journey.  I used it to make my latest set of Christmas cookies.
Chevron & Christmas Tree Cookies

I call this the impression trick.  Before baking, I used a cookie cutter to lightly stamp the dough.  This leaves an impression on the cookie that will serve as a piping guide after baking .
Christmas Tree Cookie Tutorial

When the cookies have cooled, use piping icing and a #2 or #3 tip to outline the tree design, and after a minute of two of drying, fill with matching flood icing.
Christmas Tree Cookie Tutorial

While the tree is still wet, drop colored dragees or pearl “ornaments” into the icing.  Let the Tree area dry for about an hour, than outline and fill the rest of the cookie.

Christmas Tree Cookie Tutorial

Let them dry overnight, and you’ll have beautiful perfect cookies.
Modern Christmas Tree Cookies

Sometimes I’ll use a #1.5 tip to outline the tree or add a few more ornaments the next day.  I like to create collections of simple coordinating cookies with lots of texture and visual interest.  This makes even the simplest of cookie designs appear amazing.
Modern Christmas Tree Cookies

This technique works for MANY different cookie themes. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

If you have the cookie decorating bug, be sure to swing by my blog, The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle, where you’ll find all sorts of cookie how-to’s like the Chevron Patterned Cookies pictured above.

Thanks for having me today, I hope you’ll come visit me in all of my cookie craziness very soon!  Happy Decorating!  ~ Callye



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