Sparkling Christmas Trees

Okay, so I know I’m not the only one who isn’t quite ready for Christmas.  If you’re still getting your goodies and sweets together, I have one last DIY project for you today.  It’s incredibly easy and quick but with impressive results.  I did this project from start to finish {including photos and clean up} during nap time on Sunday.  So when I say quick, I mean quick!   Ice cream cones get a coating of shimmering, sanding sugar and… Voilà!  Sparkling Christmas Trees! An elegant decoration for your holiday cakes and cupcakes.  Or simply arrange numerous trees on a cake stand or elegant serving tray for a festive centerpiece.

Christmas_TIce Cream Cone - Sparkling Christmas Trees

Ice Cream Cone - Sparkling Christmas Trees

Ice Cream Cone - Sparkling Christmas Trees

Here’s what you’ll do….

Ice Cream Cone - Sparkling Christmas Trees

Sparkling Christmas Tree Toppers

Ice Cream Cones (various sizes)
Candy Melts (white)
Sparkling Sugar / Sanding Sugar / Sugar Pearls


  1. Melt white candy coating in microwave as directed on package.  Stir until smooth.
  2. Dip ice cream cone into melted candy.  {I found it easiest to roll the cone on its side since my bowl was not deep enough to dip straight down.}  Let excess candy drip off.
  3. Sprinkle with sanding sugar, sugar pearls or sprinkles of choice.  {I found it easiest to place the cone onto two fingers to hold, so as to not leave any finger marks}.  Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle until all areas of the cone are covered.
  4. Set onto parchment or wax paper until hard.  This is a good time to touch up any areas you missed.  They firm up nice and quick and will actually be quite solid once set.  Place on top of a cake or cupcake for super easy decoration!

TIP: Sprinkle the cone over a bowl so that your extra sprinkles go back into the bowl, so you can reuse.  If you use waffle cones, be sure to break a little bit off to even out the bottom, so that the cone will stand up on its own, before coating.

Whether they top off your delectable homemade goodies, pretty up some store bought sweets or provide a Christmas activity for the kiddos… I hope you enjoy these ice cream cone Sparkling Christmas Trees! Up next, the conclusion of our 12 Cakes of Christmas series.  Cake #10 coming soon!

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

Carrie Sellman is the Founder & Editor of The Cake Blog. Her work has been published in BRIDES Magazine, Country Living Magazine and featured online at People, Today, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, Real Simple, TLC, The Cooking Channel and more.



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