The 1st Cake of July

Today is the first day of our newest cake series,  The 4 Cakes of July!  Four talented bakers were asked (pretty, pretty please) to create new designs inspired by the 4th of July holiday.  To bring the beauty and colors of the American flag to life in a sophisticated cake design.  There will be no flag sheet cakes here… these cakes are gorgeous and like none we’ve seen before.  Red, white and beautiful cakes created just for you!  And I’m beyond thrilled to share these cakes with you!  I’m talking, I would set off fireworks if I could, thrilled!  So let’s get started!!

This first American beauty comes to us from Allison Kelleher, owner of AK Cake Design in Portland.  You may remember Allison from previous features on our site (like this one and this one).  She is a master when it comes to geometric patterns.  I was secretly hoping she would go that route with her design but I never envisioned something this spectacular!  Capturing the essence of a classic Americana quilt, beautifully embedded with pinwheels and stars, Allison takes her pattern skills to a whole new level!  Cue the fireworks… because it is time for The 1st Cake of July!!

Americana Quilt Cake by AK Cake Design |

The pinwheels, the stars, the quilted pattern!  The attention to detail and precision in this cake are phenomenal!  Incredibly bold and nothing less than stunning, Allison seriously rocked this theme!  So let’s keep swooning, shall we?

Americana Quilt Cake by AK Cake Design |

Allison of AK Cake Design shares the inspiration behind her design:

“I’ve been wanting to create a quilt-like cake for some time. As you know, I’m a little obsessed with patterns, and while I’ve never made a quilt, I’m intrigued by how complex they can be. For some reason, an Independence Day inspired cake seemed to be the perfect fit – I mean, what says July 4th more than hot dogs, baseball, and an Americana quilt cake?”

Americana Quilt Cake by AK Cake Design |

More from Allison of AK Cake Design:

“I spent the bulk of my prep time researching quilt patterns and then pairing down three of them. I felt that I needed to simplify the patterns, so the cake would be bold, not too busy, and well-balanced.  I chose pinwheel and star motifs because they feel so patriotic and festive.  After the planning, it was just a matter of patience and of cutting out many, many triangles!  The cake came together fairly effortlessly, with fabric ribbon stripes completing the look.”

Americana Quilt Cake by AK Cake Design |

Honestly, I see something new to love each time I look at this cake!  A huge, gigantic thank you to Allison of AK Cake Design for sharing her time and talent with us!  And to Lara Ferroni for the incredibly gorgeous photography!

Up tomorrow… the 2nd Cake of July.  See you then!!

Cake:  AK Cake Design
Photography: Lara Ferroni
Learn From This Baker : Modern Mosaic Cakes with Allison Kellher on Craftsy

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

Carrie Sellman is the Founder & Editor of The Cake Blog. Her work has been published in BRIDES Magazine, Country Living Magazine and featured online at People, Today, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, Real Simple, TLC, The Cooking Channel and more.


  1. 5


    This cake looks delectable. Good thing i’m not near this in person or else there would be no cake to take a picture of!


  2. 8

    Julie says

    That is probably the coolest cake I have EVER seen!!!! I can’t even imagine the skill and patience that must have taken. Great job Allison!

  3. 12

    Tricia says

    That is one amazing cake!!! My head hurts thinking about the complexity of the pattern but it is gorgeous to look at!

  4. 13

    Sue Templin says

    Our local quilt guild is planning a Quilts of Valor show in the fall with a dinner to present the quilts to recipients. What a display this cake would make at a dessert table for the event!! Congratulations to Allison for her incredible quilt!

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