Realistic Reptile Cake

I’ll be the first to admit it… a majority of the cakes I feature here on the blog are pretty girly.  Elegant, feminine and oh-so-cute cakes appropriate for weddings, baby showers and birthdays.  Well today’s cake is definitely ALL BOY!  And we’re not talking about a cutesy ‘snakes and snails and puppy dog tails’ kind of cake either.  We’re talking creepy, crawly, scaly things!  Featuring a serious fondant snake, ginormous spider, worms, snails and a glistening tree frog… this cake will have little boys cheering!  And may have you squirming!  Let’s slither by and check out this ssssssssuper Realistic Reptile Cake created by Jacki Fanto of Blissfully Sweet!

Reptile Cake by Blissfully Sweet  |

Jacki of Blissfully Sweet shares some insight about her cake:

“My client gave me free reign on design for this reptile themed cake.  All she knew was that she wanted a green tree frog and some other reptiles.  Firstly, I wanted to have the cake as more a realistic depiction of reptiles, as I know that is what boys would like the most!  So, for the bottom tier, I wrapped a giant scaly fondant snake around the base of the cake.  The snake’s skin was all handpainted shades of russet and gold.  This was eerily real while making and was a little freaky.   Then to continue the creepy theme, I had a red-back spider climb up the middle tier with some grubs coming out of the dirt.  The top tier was all about the red-eyed tree frog!  As all of the creatures were all three dimensional, I wanted to add some two dimensional background elements.  I hand painted the green grass onto the tiers for this effect and then for even a little more effect, some florist wire was my interpretation of reeds.  Some cascading leaves and birthday sign posts were the last additions and just made the cake!”

Reptile Cake by Blissfully Sweet  |

All components of the cake, every last creepy crawly creature, are handmade and completely edible.  (Except for the wire reeds, of course.)  Now, let’s get a better look at this red-eyed tree frog because he is crazy cool!

Reptile Cake by Blissfully Sweet  |

I can just imagine the reaction this cake created!  You know there was some fun to be had by eating that tree frog!  And the snake!  Oh my!

A special thank you to Jacki Fanto of Blissfully Sweet for sharing her incredibly Realistic Reptile Cake with us today!  It is the perfect combination eerie reptile fun and gorgeous sugar work!  Simply amazing!!

Cake:  Blissfully Sweet

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

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    The birthday boy must’ve been so happy! I love the frog on top, it’s so realistic.. I actually can’t decide which animal is the coolest.


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