KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway!

**** WINNER UPDATE. This giveaway is now closed. Our lucky winner is… Natalie who said “I’d use it for just about everything, from desserts, breads to savory foods!” on Sept 3rd, 2012 at 11:57 am. Congratulations Natalie! Please contact me by Thursday, Sept 6th to claim your prize. ENJOY! ****

I am so excited that I can barely stand it!  This week we have an incredible line up for you here on The Cake Blog!  We’re celebrating a summer full of amazing cake inspiration, scrumptious recipes and fabulous readers… like you!  We’re hosting a blow out beach party saluting the sand, the surf and the end of summer!  It’s Beach Week! An entire week of  new beach-inspired cakes, recipes and DIYs!  Created just for you, by some of your very favorite bakers!

And to kick off the week, I’m thrilled to announce our biggest and best giveaway ever!  So spectacular you’re going to flip!  Cue the drum roll please……..  Thanks to our very generous sponsors at KitchenAid….. we’re giving away the biggest and best stand mixer there is!  Eeek!!  One lucky reader will win a 7 Quart KitchenAid Mixer!

7 qt KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway  |

Having owned my own KitchenAid stand mixer since 2001, I am quite thrilled for of our soon-to-be winner!  My original 4 quart mixer has seen me through thick and thin.  I cannot even begin to count the endless batches of cake batter and icing it has endured over the years.  Not to mention cookie dough, pizza dough… I could go on!  So I can only image how awesome this powerful 7 quart model will be!

Just look at what this bad boy can do!  It’s KitchenAid’s best performing stand mixer with their most powerful motor yet.  Breezing through longer mixing times with less heat build up and a smooth, quiet sound.  All while sporting an incredibly large stainless steel bowl…. …  we’re talking the capacity to mix 14 DOZEN cookies at one time!!!  Can you image?!  With a 2-Year hassle free replacement warranty and a retail price of $549, this is one spectacular prize!!

7 qt KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway  |

**** WINNER UPDATE. This giveaway is now closed. Our lucky winner is… Natalie who said “I’d use it for just about everything, from desserts, breads to savory foods!” on Sept 3rd, 2012 at 11:57 am. Congratulations Natalie! Please contact me by Thursday, Sept 6th to claim your prize. ENJOY! ****


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Giveaway ends Monday, September 3rd at midnight PST.  A winner will be chosen via and announced here, on this post, on Tuesday, September 4th.  Winner will be notified by email and must claim their prize within 48 hours or a new winner will be selected.  This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Void where prohibited.  Only one (1) entry per person.  Must be a US resident and at least 18 years old to enter.  Promotion open to new and existing Facebook Fans.  Winning is conditioned on liking both Facebook pages. Prize includes one 7-Quart Bowl-Lift Residential Stand Mixer from KitchenAid, valued at $549.  Available in red, silver, black or white.

Beach Week continues tomorrow with an incredible new cake series…. fabulous new cake designs created just for YOU!!

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

Carrie Sellman is the Founder & Editor of The Cake Blog. Her work has been published in BRIDES Magazine, Country Living Magazine and featured online at People, Today, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, Real Simple, TLC, The Cooking Channel and more.


  1. 1

    Laurie Underwood says

    Wow! A SEVEN quart Kitchen Aid? I can see rows and rows of freshly baked yeast based dinner rolls in my future. Pick me, pick me! :-)

  2. 3

    Meghan R says

    14 dozen cookie capacity?! good-ness!I think i’d make a WHOLE mess of sugar cookies.

  3. 4


    I’m always whipping up cupcakes, buttercreams or even cookies! I also love a mixer for breads, it kneads it perfectly!

  4. 6

    amber says

    I am starting culinary school today and this mixer would be so great!!! I would make so many things with this baby I don’t know where to start :) my son loves oatmeal cookies so I would start there…the mixer would make a LOT!!!

  5. 7


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE KitchenAid mixers. I finally convinced my mom to buy one for our kitchen at home, but heing a huge baker myself, I would love to have a mixer all my own! I’m constantly whipping up cookies, cakes, and dough throughout the week, and this would be the best gift EVER! I love all the colors they offer, too. Bright orange is my favorite! =)

  6. 8

    Andria says

    I would love to make lots of cookies with this mixer. Now that fall is coming it’s time to start baking! The aqua green color is my favorite! :)

  7. 9


    I recently took a Rolled Buttercream class, and would love to give it a try at home. This mixer would be perfect to get started.

  8. 11

    Marcia Kintis says

    I would love to bake and shake with new and unique KitchenAid mixer… I am all about Crossfit and health life… and right now putting together a health book recipes… it would be awesome having a new mixer!!!

  9. 14

    Ashley R. says

    I’d definitely make some cakes and frosting. I’ve always wanted to try decorating sugar cookies too, so I’d give that a try!

  10. 15

    Maria Ganoung says

    This mixer is the best, quality, design, performance. It will be a good addition to my baking gadgets.

  11. 16

    Susan says

    Love Kitchen Aid mixers and would definitely be making big batches of pumpkin bread and gingerbread!!

  12. 17

    sydney85 says

    I took a french macaron class a couple of weeks ago and tried one of these mixes and it was amazing how easy it was to use. I would love to win one of these mixes to make macarons at home.

  13. 18

    Lauren says

    I would try my hand at bread making — I have NEVER tried anything with yeast, and I so want to!! I would start with yeast breads and work my way into doughnuts and pastries!!!!

  14. 19

    Debbie says

    I would love to win this! Since I bake cakes.. I think the first thing I would use it for is some yummy chocolate cake!!

  15. 20


    I run a cake business out of my house and would LOVE to have a second mixer for making multiple cake flavours or icing!

  16. 25


    I would LOVE this Kitchen Aid so much! I would share cake and cookie dough with it, I would let it mash up my potatoes, I would even buy it some lovely attachments. All in all, it would be very happy at home with me. =0)

  17. 28

    Brittany A says

    What an amazing mixer!! Definitely a good dark chocolate cake with fresh raspberries :)

  18. 31

    Maike says

    I would like to make lots of muffins and cakes for example for the birthday party from my cousin.

  19. 33

    Stephanie Wickstrom says

    I think the better question is, what wouldn’t I mix up!? I could do enough buttercream for an entire wedding cake!

  20. 34

    Dorthea Murray says

    I would LOVE,LOVE,LOVE to win this mixer to mix up some cookies and a delicious strawberry cake.

  21. 39

    Maria McDonald says

    I would make LOTS of cookies for all my “Marines”! And lots of cakes too!!! :) And lets not forget Cake Pops!

  22. 40


    oh… so many things I could do with such a nice mixer… how do I choose just one… how about… frosting! I love frosting and the baking season is just around the corner! =]

  23. 42


    This mixer would be used to whip up cake batter, cookie dough, icing, etc. – all the yummy things that are used to create edible works of art!

  24. 43

    Kerri says

    Wow!! I would be in heaven with a 7 Quart Mixer! The possibilities for my little home business would be endless!!

  25. 44

    Amanda Entrekin says

    I make alot of cakes for everyone in my families birthday and would love to have this mixer. It would help my arms out so much with having to make so much icing all the time.

  26. 46


    My Kitchen Aid committed suicide by diving off the kitchen counter! She had been a beloved family member for 20 years, and has been greatly missed!!!! I would teach my new Kitchen Aid Mixer to step into the shoes of her predecessors to make magic happen in the kitchen! Cakes…cookies….candy!

  27. 47


    I want to pass my skills onto my sister and my son, this will require me to make lots of cakes, cupcakes and cookies for them to both practise on and my small mixer will not be able to cope, lol :-)

  28. 50

    Paula Graham says

    I would mix everything in it!! I do not own a stand mixer and I bake for a living!! lol I need it!!

  29. 53


    Oh…I want a 7 quart KA mixer soooo bad….I started with a 4.5 quart…then I upgraded to a 6 quart..then a MONTH latter…the 7 quart came out….I DIED….I know it is is just one extra quart…but oh…the extra stuff I can mix up with that one little quart. BUT…I am having a hard time convincing my hubby of that little fact!

    What would I mix up…oh cookies…cookies…cookies!

  30. 59

    Samnang Roeun says

    I’m seeing all of the pretzel rolls that can be made in the 7 qt bowl. Oh, I hope I win!

  31. 60

    Stephanie says

    Wow, this IS an amazing giveaway!

    I’d be making everything I possibly could. I’d probably be making sweets the most… and doing as many dessert tables as I could manage!

  32. 62


    I would mix batter to make my fabulous white chocolate cake, or tres leches cakes, and some sweet Swiss meringue buttercream. And make 4 batches of white chocolate and raspberry cookies.
    The possibilities are endles, with more power.

  33. 66

    Kris Reynolds says

    I am constantly making cookies for the boys lunches and cakes for every occasion possible. This mixer would be wonderful.

  34. 69

    ruth barker says

    i would make something different, each and every week.There is no end to what the machine can do, and i would love to have one !!!!!!!!!!

  35. 70

    Andrea R says

    I would make twice as much lemon cake (and oh so much more)!! It’s my husband’s favorite, but it’s so tasty that it seems to disappear before he ever gets a second slice!

  36. 72

    Lidia Rivera says

    I am always volunterring to make cuspcakes for my son’s sports teams. This would be great help me with time and clean up. And I would be able to experiment much more.

  37. 74

    Suzanne Hopkins says

    Wow, a 7 qt. mixer that is quieter! Yes, please! I would be able to bake without my kids whining that the mixer is too loud and running all the time. Holiday Cookie Exchange time, here I come!

  38. 75

    Melissa says

    I could most definitely use a new one!!! Like you I’ve had mine since 2001 and I can tell I’m about to need to replace it. I bake and decorate plenty of cakes so it has almost seen it’s day! I would love a new one before this one goes out on me.

  39. 80

    Debby Johnson says

    Oh my goodness!! I grind up my wheat in a high speed flour mill to make breads and goodies. This would be fabulous for making my whole wheat bread not to mention cookie dough for my decorated cookies!!

  40. 84

    Jen W. says

    Cupcakes and muffins and breads, oh my! With fall coming I’m hoping to return to my weekly cupcake/muffin baking and hope to have a lot of fresh zucchini and pumpkin to work with! Also, I’m planning on some root beer flavored concoctions for my brother’s birthday in October. Oh, how I’ve dreamed of a Kitchen Aid mixer of my very own!

  41. 85

    Sarah says

    I would whip up dozens of cupcakes! This mixer would be just what I need to launch my cupcake business!

  42. 86


    I would bake up adventure. This year I want to make things I have never tried before explore my culinary horizons. I am a cupcake mistress by trade, but want to be more!!!

  43. 87

    Sherri Hughes says

    My sister is a 3rd grade teacher. Part of her “creative teaching” is a treat party on Friday. That’s where I come in!! :-) Classwork + Homework = CUPCAKES!!! Education by a
    ny means necessary!!

  44. 88

    Tammy M. says

    I’m just starting out in my cupcake/cake business. Winning this would mean no more hand mixer and doing two separate batches for larger orders.
    This would be a dream come true on my limited budget!!!

  45. 90


    THis would be a dream!! I am in the kitchen daily, baking and cooking and would love to have this!! I think it would greatly help out!

  46. 91


    thanks so much,

  47. 95

    Flordelyn Torres says

    Wow..what a Great Giveaway!!!

    I will be making my hubby’s fave -chocolate chip cookies!!!! (And) currently experimenting with Maple Bacon Cupcakes and caramel salted cupcakes!!!

  48. 99


    Ooooooo the possibilities are endless!!! I would be able to mix up oodles of cake flavors for cake pops,cakes, cupcakes, brownies!! Sooo many different things! :-)