KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway!

**** WINNER UPDATE. This giveaway is now closed. Our lucky winner is… Natalie who said “I’d use it for just about everything, from desserts, breads to savory foods!” on Sept 3rd, 2012 at 11:57 am. Congratulations Natalie! Please contact me by Thursday, Sept 6th to claim your prize. ENJOY! ****

I am so excited that I can barely stand it!  This week we have an incredible line up for you here on The Cake Blog!  We’re celebrating a summer full of amazing cake inspiration, scrumptious recipes and fabulous readers… like you!  We’re hosting a blow out beach party saluting the sand, the surf and the end of summer!  It’s Beach Week! An entire week of  new beach-inspired cakes, recipes and DIYs!  Created just for you, by some of your very favorite bakers!

And to kick off the week, I’m thrilled to announce our biggest and best giveaway ever!  So spectacular you’re going to flip!  Cue the drum roll please……..  Thanks to our very generous sponsors at KitchenAid….. we’re giving away the biggest and best stand mixer there is!  Eeek!!  One lucky reader will win a 7 Quart KitchenAid Mixer!

7 qt KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway  |

Having owned my own KitchenAid stand mixer since 2001, I am quite thrilled for of our soon-to-be winner!  My original 4 quart mixer has seen me through thick and thin.  I cannot even begin to count the endless batches of cake batter and icing it has endured over the years.  Not to mention cookie dough, pizza dough… I could go on!  So I can only image how awesome this powerful 7 quart model will be!

Just look at what this bad boy can do!  It’s KitchenAid’s best performing stand mixer with their most powerful motor yet.  Breezing through longer mixing times with less heat build up and a smooth, quiet sound.  All while sporting an incredibly large stainless steel bowl…. …  we’re talking the capacity to mix 14 DOZEN cookies at one time!!!  Can you image?!  With a 2-Year hassle free replacement warranty and a retail price of $549, this is one spectacular prize!!

7 qt KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway  |

**** WINNER UPDATE. This giveaway is now closed. Our lucky winner is… Natalie who said “I’d use it for just about everything, from desserts, breads to savory foods!” on Sept 3rd, 2012 at 11:57 am. Congratulations Natalie! Please contact me by Thursday, Sept 6th to claim your prize. ENJOY! ****


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Giveaway ends Monday, September 3rd at midnight PST.  A winner will be chosen via and announced here, on this post, on Tuesday, September 4th.  Winner will be notified by email and must claim their prize within 48 hours or a new winner will be selected.  This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Void where prohibited.  Only one (1) entry per person.  Must be a US resident and at least 18 years old to enter.  Promotion open to new and existing Facebook Fans.  Winning is conditioned on liking both Facebook pages. Prize includes one 7-Quart Bowl-Lift Residential Stand Mixer from KitchenAid, valued at $549.  Available in red, silver, black or white.

Beach Week continues tomorrow with an incredible new cake series…. fabulous new cake designs created just for YOU!!

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

Carrie Sellman is the Founder & Editor of The Cake Blog. Her work has been published in BRIDES Magazine, Country Living Magazine and featured online at People, Today, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, Real Simple, TLC, The Cooking Channel and more.


  1. 202


    This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for giving me a chance to win something so fabulous! I love my kitchen aide mixer. However it is 12 years old and starting to make noises that dont sound healthy!lol!I would make beautiful cakes, cupcakes, cookies and every kind of icing recipe I can find!

  2. 204

    Joana Canhoto says

    The Kitchen Aid would be perfect to easily make my batches of chocolate chip dough cupcakes :)

  3. 205

    Andrea Custer says

    I have Celiac disease, so I use my smaller KitchenAid every single day to make bread, cake, muffins, pizza crust, and even to mix my flour mixtures! I would love the huge one because I could make double batches of everything rather than just a single and have to repeat it.

  4. 206

    Lacey Loo says

    Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, SMBC, macarons, I don’t think I would stop! I would be a baking machine! *fingers crossed*

  5. 208


    Hello Half Baked! I LOVE your website!!! I have used my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer since 2000. I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am a big baker, also use it for pancake/waffle mix. It has fallen apart on me for the last time just last week!! I am spoiled… I cannot make Royal icing or buttercream frosting any other way!!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a new one :) PICK ME!!! :)

  6. 211

    Erica McVay says

    What a BEAUTIFUL mixer!! The possibilities are endless for what I would make!! I might start off of some delicious cookies.. or a cake… or cupcakes…or bread… I could go on and on and on!!

  7. 212

    Sandra says

    Oh, what a wonderful, fabulous giveaway prize! I would use it to make everything, LOL ~ bread dough, pasta dough … my cakes, cookies, cupcakes that I make (I’m a home baker) … lots of Butter Cream and Marshmallow Fondant! Oh, thank you for the opportunity to enter to win such a beautiful prize!!!!

  8. 213

    Cindy Reynolds says

    I love KitchenAid mixers. I love to bake anything and everything. My cinnamon rolls are a big hit with people. I love to bake breads, cakes, cookies, cheesecakes… It will get a lot of use by me for sure.

  9. 216


    I make a double batch of my buttercream icing in my 6 qt, and it fills it to the brim. A 7 qt would be perfect and not as messy with the extra room. Could also make bigger batches of cake batter!

  10. 217

    michelle jensen says

    What a fantastic giveaway! I would make my husband his strawberry cake with chocolate frosting he loves so much! I’ve been baking for my clients, and i need to bake something special for him :)

  11. 218

    Stacie Bruney says

    I have wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer for years (my 20 year old mixer quit recently). I love to bake goodies at Christmas to give to my friend and family, and this mixer would make that so much easier…especially when mixing Cheese Straw dough! (A Family Favorite) A friend just gave me the starter for Sourdough…so looking forward to making Sourdough bread and Cinnamon Rolls, so this mixer would help tremendously.

  12. 219

    jodee says

    Honestly, i would give it to my daughter. She is almost 17 and can use this for her bake sales to help pay for college

  13. 220


    I love baking & cooking with my kids, but after 3 hand surgeries I can’t mix anything dough like or thick by hand. A Kitchenaide would be amazing to have so we can start cooking together again! Plus, I’m homeschooling so we have more time together and I could teach them a lot of new recipes. Crossing my fingers & toes I win!

  14. 221

    Dona says

    this would fit perfectly in my kitchen…. I would make tons of cake batter and icing for the cakes and cupcakes I’m selling out of my home

  15. 222

    Adriana S. says

    Thinking of all the cakes, pies, brownies, cheese cakes, cup cakes, bread, cookies, cookies, cookies….wow so much my head hurts. I hope I win so I can get going on all these new ideas I have to mix and bake.

  16. 223

    Reyna Ochoa says

    Hello, any baker’s dream is to have a Kitchenaid Mixer!! the things I could do with it! :) and also make my life easier. I bake and decorate cakes almost every day I would LOVe to win this mixer. Thanks!

  17. 225


    First of all I’m salivating at the thought of a 7 quart KitchenAid. That needed to be said.

    What would I make? Easy. Today is the day I start doing English Christmas cakes. They have to be made at least by the first of September to allow them enough weekly baths in brandy to meld all the fruit flavors together.

    I started making them originally for my husband, who is English. Then I had to add one for his son who lives here in the States as well. Several years later I have people clamoring for them (Yikes!), so with a new larger mixer, I could get these bad boys started in half the time. Awesome.

    And then when that was done, I would make a batch of cookies for my kids, because isn’t that what baking is truly about?

  18. 227

    Liz Vizcarra says

    Oh my goodness! Where would I begin!! I would use it to make my buttercream, cake pops, cake batter, fondant, and cupcakes! This would be amazing to win! Crossing my fingers so I can stop borrowing a mixer! Thank you for a great giveaway! Liz Vizcarra

  19. 228

    Jordan Hart says

    I would have to make a very moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or Loukoumades a great greek recipe.

  20. 231

    Giselle V. says

    I LOVE making cakes for family and friends! This amazing KitchenAid would definitely be the perfect “AID” :) Love KithcenAid!

  21. 232

    Jennifer Whitt says

    I would make some amazing treats for the many baby showers I get to help plan this year, and holiday cookies would be SO much easier with the large mixing space and more powerful motor. Gingerbread Cookie dough would be a breeze —

  22. 233

    Margie says

    I’m getting all of my ducks in a row to open my own business so I would make all sorts of baked items with this! Cupcakes, Biscottis, Cookies…the list is endless!!!

  23. 234

    Elizabeth Young says

    I would love to own a Kitchen Aid 7qt. Residential Stand Mixer because my two sons and I love to bake. They learned how to knead dough in their high school independent living class, but I have not learned and don’t have the strength because of Arthritis, so mixing becomes a serious or impossible task for me to do if my kids are not home with me.
    Breads, cakes, pie crusts, cookies, meringues, wow! The sky is the limit!

  24. 235

    Brandi Nieto says

    I could make so many batches of BUTTERCREAM icing in this baby! Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. 236

    Jessica Miracle says

    Wow…I’ve never had a KitchenAid….it would be so awesome to make frostings and homemade marshmallow with!!

  26. 237

    Eileen Irons says

    I’d make COOKIES! No, wait, BROWNIES! Wait, wait… CAKE! I’ve got it! I’ll MAKE IT ALL! Muahahahaha!

  27. 238


    I would be able to start up my cottage food business and bake all the cakes and cupcakes that I wanted! It would make my life so much easier to bake more at once!

  28. 240

    Elizabeth Evans says

    Will be able to mix up more than cake at a time and not make such a mess. Also make a double batch of Buttercream frosting. Would cut my work time in half.

  29. 241

    Edie says

    THE BEST MIXER IN THE WORLD!!! I would make a celebratory cake if I won and then I’d try my hand at bread and Pasta…it’s really limitless what I could create. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. 242

    Anne says

    A very good friend of mine is a chef and is getting married in November. I would give it to her as a gift. I have one (not as big)and she really wants one. It would make an awesome wedding gift!

  31. 244

    Katie Dake says

    Are you kidding me? What wouldn’t I mix up? I’d work on perfecting my high altitude cookies. And then make home made marshmallows.

  32. 246

    Marina Reyes says

    I will use it for making cakes, frostings and cookies. Especially my daughter’s 22nd in October. She wants a peacock theme cake. I’m not a professional baker, but with a machine like this, I know the task will be easier!

  33. 248

    Jenna-Lee Ganje says

    I love to cook! It is baking that I still have to master and having the KitchenAid assist me in learning the tricks of the trade would be a delight.

  34. 251

    Keena Dixon says

    I whip up pancakes to dessert fillings to cookie dough and cakes. I would use it ALOT!!!!

  35. 252

    Kelly says

    The question is more what wouldn’t I be mixing up with a new Kitchen Aid. I love to bake everything, cookies, cakes breads, etc.

  36. 253

    Faye Hume says

    My daughter, who turns 24 today, has been drooling to have one of these! I can’t afford one, so winning this would be sooo perfect. She’s a great little baker, and even whips up her own homemade ice cream. She just got her own apartment and this would be the perfect kitchen addition. I’m saying my prayers!!

  37. 254

    Carol says

    What couldn’t I make with this large capacity KitchenAid mixer?? For my first recipe… Peach cupcakes with peach buttercream frosting (for my BFF’s baby shower) :)

  38. 257

    Jessica says

    This mixer would see it fair share of variety! However, one of my favorite treats are red velvet cookies! I usually make a few batches, keep some at the house, and send the rest in with my husband to give to the single soldiers. We all know they arent baking cookies in the barracks! If I had this mixer, I could efficiently make a lot more cookies and share them with the freshly baked anything deprived soldiers! Of course, I’d have plenty more for my at home stash for my family and me to enjoy too!

  39. 258

    Leslie Richardson says

    I would soooo make triple batch of buttercream and delight in the fact that it would not spill over! Sigh. Thanks for the chance!

  40. 259

    Kristen says

    That red is to die for! I think I would start making cookies to freeze for the holidays. And something pumpkin for now!

  41. 262

    Nancy says

    Lots and lots of cake and cookies covered in buttercream icing and homemade marshmallow fondant!

  42. 263


    Thanks for the fabulous opportunity to win!!! I would mix up anything and everything!!! It doesn’t just stop with cakes, pies & breads!!!

  43. 265

    Gemma says

    I would mix anything and everything possible. Would use my week off work to do it! If I was lucky enough to win!!!!! Fingers crossed to me.

  44. 266


    I love to bake cakes, cup cakes and cake pops for everyone I know. My favorite is bringing cake pops to work on Wednesdays. It is impossible for someone to keep a grumpy face while holding a cake pop. I would also use the mixer to make cookies, pizza dough, beer bread, brownies, etc! I also use baking to teach math to my boys (7 & 4).

  45. 267

    Heather P says

    7 qts. Wow!!! I could finally make all of my buttercream in one batch! Oh and bread….lots and lots of bread :)

  46. 268

    Shelley says

    There would be a cupcake explosion in my house. I’d make cupcakes in every flavor imaginable!

  47. 269

    Shlomit says

    Oh WOW… what a beauty! A week ago I have decided to do a career change to a baker and I can’t imagine a better gift than that. I would love to win this mixer :)

  48. 271

    Yessenia Machin Riccio says

    Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bread…I’ll do all with this amazine KAid!!!!!

  49. 273

    Jenn B. says

    14 dozen cookie capacity, that would certainly make my Christmas cookie making go by a lot faster.

  50. 274

    Emily R says

    As a mother of four kids under 4 I can see many birthday parties and bake sales in my future. I would use this to mix up many yumy treats for my kiddos and myself.

  51. 278

    Nancy says

    My 16 year old daughter must be on a gluten free diet. This has encouraged me to bake alot more. I would love to bake for all of my GF friends and this Kitchen aid mixer would really speed things up :) Thanks for reading and considering me.

  52. 279

    Jena Anderson says

    I would whip up batch after batch of red velvet cheescake brownies and lots of yummy fall treats!

  53. 281

    Ann Somerset says

    So neat! I’d make a double batch of my favorite cake batter, and a double batch of buttercream, do I don’t have to do each one twice!

  54. 282

    Ashlee Witherspoon says

    I could use this mixer to increase the turn around time on my cake pop orders for my home bakery!

  55. 283

    Shay M. says

    Oooh I would like to try a new recipe I found on pintrest….cake batter blondies….yummm

  56. 284


    I am a mother with 7 of 9 children still at home and I used my 4 quart Kitchen Aid Mixer till it fell apart… I would mix everything ……mashed potatoes, breads, cakes, icing, cookies, cheese cakes, muffins, pancake batter,Cowboy Hash Dinner, homade butter, Rolls, and pies just to name a few. When you have so many in the house most everything is made from scratch and in huge quanities.. What you are doing is truly a Blessing!!

  57. 288

    Judith says

    I started culinary school and have learned a lot in the pastry and baking program. This would truly come in handy to make everything I have come to learn, from your simple cakes all the way to your fancy pastry.

  58. 289


    I am a new YouTube/cake blog cake decorator. I make cakes and other desserts as a hobby or for gifts. However, this weekend I made a cake for a back to school party and one of the guests thought it was do good, she hired me to make all of her wedding desserts…including the cake!!! The wedding is in November and I would LOVE to have this to aid me in my baking journey!

  59. 290

    Sue Mazzucco says

    I have 2 – 4.5 KA mixers with almost all of the attachments. I would love the 7qt mixer to make large batches of icing for the cakes…..then there are the cookies…..and then the cakes…..and then large batches of pizza dough for the hungry grandkids.

  60. 291


    I’m in the process of starting a cake decorating business and this would be a great addition to it. I told the hubs the other day, that once we start to make some $$$ I would like a Kitchenaid and some silver cake stands! Winning one would be awesome!

  61. 295

    Micki Santy says

    Oh goodness, this would be great to have! I am starting school in January 2013 at the San Francisco Baking Institute, and the 7-quart mixer would be a fabulous addition to my home kitchen, allowing me to practice with the wonderful bread and pastry formulas!!! PLEASE pick me!!

  62. 298

    Sessy says

    Waoooo so excited! I have a 5quarts kitchen aid mixer but this one will me a blessing in my kitchen due to the fact that I can make more cakes and more frosting all in one shot! Making my life so much easier! I need this I bake cupcakes, cookies and cakes and I also make bread so imagine the possibilities! I am ecstatic!

  63. 300

    Jessica Lofton- Drews says

    As a soldier, it is really important to have things that remind you of home. So much stuff is store bought and out of a package, to include the baked items in the DFAC. I am not a pro baker so I don’t have anything super fancy, but I can’t wait to get home and make chocolate chip pancakes. Yep, I said it. The best time is being curled up on the couch with a hot stack and a cat and dog eagerly awaiting any morsel you drop. But they can’t have any because it’s bad for them and more for me!