Angel Wings Dessert Table

Today’s feature is a delightful dessert table full of delicate handmade treasures.  Armed with a stack of doilies and a whole lot of love, Shevi of Little Wish Cakes created this dessert display for her daughter’s First Communion celebration.  Inspired by the wings of an angel, the table is soft, feminine and oh-so-pretty.  Doilies make an appearance everywhere from the statement-making backdrop to the cupcake toppers, name tags and juice bottles.  A lace doily pattern also appears on the gorgeous cake, cookies and cupcakes!  Did I mention there were some doilies involved?!    It all adds up to one beautiful display!  Prepare to be smitten with this Angel Wings Dessert Table

First Communion Party by Little Wish Cakes  |

Shevi from Little Wish Cakes shares the story behind this dessert table:

“I always like my tables to have details that are handmade – at least I try and also like to challenge and prove to myself that with a little effort one can make the most simplest of things look grand. These tables can be created by anyone as most of the goodies are baked at home and most of the craft items are handmade. You can do the easy thing and buy the printables. But I don’t think it will have the special touch and then there is also the factor of going over budget.

Being a 10 year my daughter Tiyana does not want to be considered a little girl anymore and often thinks herself to be more funky than cute.  So I organized this table secretly, as She is still MY little Girl no matter what. I did not want to create the more traditional Communion Cake and Table. As much as it is a religious event, it is also a celebration.”

First Communion Party by Little Wish Cakes  |

Shevi from Little Wish Cakes shares her inspiration:

“So keeping in mind that ‘Daughters are Little Angels sent from above’, I thought of Delicate Angel Wings as a theme or the main element around which I would base the whole table.  But then I was stumped, how am I going to use wings?  So I was wracking my brains trying to come up with a substitute or something similar to wings.  This is when I thought of Doilies, which are very feminine and delicate in nature and very pretty.  This set the theme for the table – Doilies and Pastel shades.  (Wonder if I went a bit overboard with the delicateness.)

Keeping the Doily theme in mind I created the cake.  The bottom tier had scalloped edged circles cut and on each circle the details were individually cut using piping tips, to make them look like Doilies. I did the same for the cookies as well.  Each cookie had its very own design on it.  No two cookies were alike!

My daughter loved her little surprise and hope everyone else enjoys looking at it as much as I did creating it.”

First Communion Cake by Little Wish Cakes  |

First Communion Party by Little Wish Cakes  |

A special thank you to Shevi of Little Wish Cakes for sharing her daughter’s special day with us!  From the pastel color scheme to the incredible backdrop and inspiring sweets, we’re on cloud nine over your Angel Wings Dessert Table!

Cake, Styling, Decor & Desserts  :  Little Wish Cakes
Macarons  :  Eugenes Patisserie
Photography :  Amara Ritchie Photography

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