Thing One & Thing Two Cake

Dr. Seuss himself would be excited about today’s cake.  It’s playful.  It’s charming.  It’s just down right seussical!  Created for a twin’s first birthday celebration, this design brings Seuss’s classic book,  The Cat in the Hat, to life.  From the Cat’s iconic striped hat to his umbrella and ball, no detail is too small.  But the real stars of this cake are Thing One and Thing Two, perfectly adapted in honor of the birthday boy and girl.  Their kites are flying and the sky is the limit!  Join me in this fanciful cake world, created by Yeni Monroy and her team at Dream Day Cakes®.  It’s an incredibly whimsical Thing One & Thing Two Cake!

Dr Seuss Cake | by Dream Day Cakes

Fred from Dream Day Cakes shares the story behind this design:

“Initially, the grandmother contacted us.  Celebrating her grandchildren’s first birthday was going to be a fun event and she wanted to know if we could do Thing 1 & 2 cake pops (oldest twin is thing 1, younger is thing 2).  We thought the idea was awesome and got her in the book.

About a week later, the children’s mother came into the bakery and thought it would be awesome to add a small cake, 2 smash cakes, and some cupcakes — all thing 1&2 themed.  We loved the idea and started to get pretty excited about the event.”

Dr Seuss Cake | by Dream Day Cakes

Dr Seuss Cake | by Dream Day Cakes

More from Fred from Dream Day Cakes :

“Yeni loves Dr. Seuss’ style and I think it really brings her A-game. For the cake, Thing 1 (Thomas) and Thing 2 (Katherine) fly their kites in the middle of a story. Reds, Blues, and Whites galore. Flat, edible cut-outs were hand drawn/painted and then added to the cake to make a really fun 3D effect (with the layers of cutouts).

Yeni still won’t tell me how she did the kite strings. That blew me away.”

Dr Seuss Cake | by Dream Day Cakes

Fred is right…. those kite strings are crazy good.  They’re suspended in thin air!  But then again, everything about this cake is crazy good!  And I love how the design completely encircles the cake.  The back side of the cake is just as fabulous as the front!  If you look closely below, you’ll see that the Fish is actually jumping out of a 3D fish bowl attached to the back of the cake.  Genius!

Dr Seuss Cake | by Dream Day Cakes

Let’s take a peek at all of the additional Thing 1 and Thing 2 sweets.  The blue hair is flying high on these matching cupcakes and cake pops!  Not to mention the adorable coordinating mini cakes, iced in buttercream and ready to be smashed!

Dr Seuss Cake | by Dream Day Cakes

Dr Seuss Cake | by Dream Day Cakes

Dr Seuss Cake | by Dream Day Cakes

If you’ve been reading, you’ll know that I’ve said this before.  But it’s worth saying again.  Yeni’s cakes are so meticulous and her attention to detail is amazing!  This design captures the cheerful chaos of the original book with such creativity and charm.  It’s fun to have fun… and this cake knows how!

A huge thanks to Yeni and Fred at Dream Day Cakes® for sharing this whimsical Thing One & Thing Two Cake with us today!  Just look at Thing Two…. he’s sending us off with a big wave and a cheerful smile!  Saying, until next time Dream Day Cakes….

Cake : Dream Day Cakes®

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

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