Halloween Week : Modern Chic

Today is day two in our new cake series, EEEK It’s Halloween Week!  Five talented bakers were asked to create new designs inspired by Halloween.  To bring the spirit of the holiday to life in a modern cake design like none we had seen before.  Each baker was given a basic black and white color scheme and a specific genre, creating a week of inspiring cakes for everyone.  Yesterday’s cake was all about Classic Halloween Fun.  And today’s cake is made Modern Chic!

This second Halloween cake comes to us from Jacki Fanto, owner of Blissfully Sweet in Sydney Australia.  You probably remember Jacki from previous features on our site (like her incredible design in our Beach Week Series).  Jacki once again amazes us with her creative style and artistic interpretation of the theme.  After finding her inner Van Gogh, Jacki captures the beautiful darkness of the original Starry Night painting, but with a chic Halloween twist.  It is sugar art, DEFINED!  Seriously, you are going to flip out at the brilliance of this design.  And then by the flawless execution.  I honestly don’t think words can do this cake justice.  It is beyond exquisite and you simply must see it!  So without further ado…. I’m honored to present this Starry Halloween Night Cake!

Seriously, I cannot stop swooning!  From the ingenious concept to the incredible technique, I am in love!  Jacki brings her concept to life with with small impressionistic-style dots and dashes of buttercream.  Shades of black and grey swirled with purple and orange.  Flanked by a pumpkin patch at the base and a bright crescent moon at the top.  What a gorgeous Halloween scene!  Let’s see more, shall we!

Jacki of Blissfully Sweet shares the inspiration for her design:

“I was very excited to be asked to design and make a cake for Halloween week and even more excited when I learned that my genre was “Modern Chic”. Let the fun begin!

I wanted to create something that was not overtly Halloween with all the usual bits and bobs, but something that was sophisticated enough that it has a Halloween feel while being chic and glamorous. I am a HUGE art fan and especially impressionism. I love Van Gogh and his painting “Starry Night” is one of my all time favourite paintings. It always had a dark look to me and when I was thinking ideas, I knew I wanted to have an art focus to it and I kept coming back to this painting. I decided to make a Starry Night cake version.”

Jacki of Blissfully Sweet shares the scoop on her display:

“I started to think about my back drop and how this cake would be displayed.  I wanted it to look like it was framed in a gallery.  Therefore, my backdrop was a simple black fabric wall with empty gold gilded frames that we used to both frame and adorn the cake.  A willow branch just gave that extra touch.”

Jacki of Blissfully Sweet talks about the structure and technique:

“When it came to the structure of the cake, I decided on ultra modern with tilted and extended tiers.  Those top tiers really did help to tell the story of the painting.  I wanted to challenge myself also and do something a little out of my own comfort zone.  For me, this is piping!  The Starry Night scene was all hand piped in different shades of black, white with orange and purple being my highlight colours.  To add dimension, I gave the entire cake a watercolour finish first to give the 3d illusion.  For my playful touch, the village that is usually in the bottom of the painting, became a pumpkin village and the pumpkins were all handmade from fondant.

When it was all finished and I looked back, I was thrilled with how this cake turned out.  To me, it is a modern and chic ode to Halloween.”

You’re speechless, aren’t you?!  That’s because this cake is beyond words!  I seriously cannot come up with an adjective worthy of describing this cake.  Spectacular?  Phenomenal?  Mesmerizing?  Needless to say, I am in awe!  Aren’t you?

A huge thank you to Jacki of Blissfully Sweet for inspiring us with her stunning Starry Halloween Night Cake!  It is most definitely a modern and chic ode to Halloween!  And to One Love Photography for the gorgeous images!

Cake :  Blissfully Sweet
Photography : One Love Photography

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

Carrie Sellman is the Founder & Editor of The Cake Blog. Her work has been published in BRIDES Magazine, Country Living Magazine and featured online at People, Today, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, Real Simple, TLC, The Cooking Channel and more.


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    Thank you so much Michelle!
    Carrie – you had me in tears reading your beautiful and humbling words! I am amazed, astounded and thrilled!!! Thank you so much for inviting me to join in with such illustrious company!
    jacki xx

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    Angie Provost says

    This is the most amazing cake ever! The structure is mystifying. The colors just thrill! What a wonderful and different take on the Halloween theme. The most unique work of cake art ever.

  3. 6

    Vikki says

    Absolutely fantastic – but how did you manage to balance the top tier? I would be scared to breathe in case it slid off.

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