White on White Ruffles

You know it’s going to be good when the description starts with bright, white and pristine.  Oh for the love of monochromatic beauty!  Today’s cake is an elegant design that’s all about the white-on-white texture.  Delicate ruffles flow up, down and all around creating swirls of dreamy detail.  While clusters of petite pompoms add another layer of wow-inducing character.  It’s refined, elegant and just down right stunning.  Let’s swoon, shall we?  It’s an incredible White on White Ruffles Cake by Maria Nicoletti of RooneyGirl BakeShop.

White on White Ruffles by RooneyGirl BakeShop  |  TheCakeBlog.com

Maria of RooneyGirl BakeShop gives us the scoop on her design:

“Two popular fondant techniques have become my obsession and I would apply them to every cake I make if I could.  Recently, the perfect opportunity presented itself and I was overjoyed to put these techniques to use.  This small wedding cake captures these delicate methods.”

White on White Ruffles by RooneyGirl BakeShop  |  TheCakeBlog.com

Maria of RooneyGirl BakeShop shares her techniques:

“For the bottom tier, I took inspiration from a Sharon Wee Ruffle Rose tutorial.  I applied countless strips of paper thin textured fondant to a white fondant cake.  The strips are applied in a circular pattern to form the roses and in “V” shapes to form the ruffles in between.  For the top tier, I’ve seen and admired numerous artists, including Erica O’Brien, applying a ruffly pompom effect and I wanted to try it.  I cut out small round scalloped edge circles and folded them in quarters, leaving the ends open.  I applied them in a very tight formation to the top tier using a little dab of water as needed.  I finished the cake with a simple satin ribbon.”

White on White Ruffles by RooneyGirl BakeShop  |  TheCakeBlog.com

Seriously.  Undeniably.  Gorgeous!  The ruffled rosettes on the bottom tier are crazy beautiful.  I love how they gracefully flow from one delicate swirl to the next.  If you’ve ever thought an all white cake is boring, this little gem proves otherwise.  It brings a touch of charm to any wedding or bridal shower.

A special thank you to Maria Nicoletti of RooneyGirl BakeShop for sharing her White on White Ruffles cake with us today.  It is simply divine!

Cake:  RooneyGirl BakeShop

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

Carrie Sellman is the Founder & Editor of The Cake Blog. Her work has been published in BRIDES Magazine, Country Living Magazine and featured online at People, Today, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, Real Simple, TLC, The Cooking Channel and more.


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    Such a beautiful cake!!! Maria, do you mind if I ask what you used to texture the ruffles? They are absolutely breathtaking.

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      Thank you all for your lovely comments! And especially thank you to Carrie for featuring my cake – definitely my most favorite to date and I’m so thrilled and honored to be on this fabulous blog.
      Vicky, I actually just used the fan shaped veining tool (looks like a seashell?) and worked from the middle of the strip to the end, on both sides, all the way down the strip of fondant. Thank you

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        Carrie Sellman says

        Thank you for inspiring us all Maria! Your cake is seriously gorgeous. And thank you for sharing your tips and techniques as well!

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