Rose Petal Cake

Today’s cake is a fabulous new take on a classic wedding staple.  Rose petals have held their own at weddings for as long as we can remember.  Lining aisles and floating through the air as the happy couple makes their exit.  Over the years, they’ve appeared in many great cake designs.  And today’s cake is elevating rose petals to a whole new level of love.  It comes to us from Elysia Smith of Steel Penny Cakes in Mt. Pleasant, PA and is simply spectacular.  Softly curved petals wrap around each tier, ever so gracefully, creating a delicate rose-like appearance.  A hint of blush pink along the edge of each white petal ensures that gorgeousness is tucked into every fold.  This is one rare rose you simply must see!  Let’s take a look at this stunning Rose Petal Cake

Rose Petal Cake |  by Steel Penny Cakes  |

Elysia of Steel Penny Cakes gives us the scoop on her design:

“This is the third time I’ve done this design, and I think it’s my favorite yet!  I don’t really have an official name for it.  I just call it my fondant wrapped layers design.  I’ve seen many versions of this technique done, so I can’t take claim to it’s originality.  When doing this one, I really wanted it to convey the image of overlapping rose petals.”

Rose Petal Cake |  by Steel Penny Cakes  |

Elysia of Steel Penny Cakes shares her technique:

“To create this design, I start with the fondant covered tiers.  To make the layers, I cut strips of fondant and taper the edges downward.  You don’t need to, but it will achieve a different look with sharp corners for edges.  Each piece is applied one by one starting at the top of the cake, each one overlapping each other.  I start each row in a different spot and created different size lengths of strips to create a more random look.  The slightly curled edges are finished with a coating of luster dust painted on- the most time consuming part, but so worth it in the end!”

Rose Petal Cake |  by Steel Penny Cakes  |

Rose Petal Cake |  by Steel Penny Cakes  |

Rose Petal Cake |  by Steel Penny Cakes  |

Every wedding needs a handful of rose petals, especially petals as lovely as these.  This cake is just blooming with romance, elegance and the perfect touch of whimsy.  It is absolutely.  seriously.  gorgeous!!

A big thank you to Elysia Smith of Steel Penny Cakes for sharing her incredible Rose Petal Cake with us today!

Cake:  Steel Penny Cakes

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