Pink, Peach & Mint Wedding Cake

With its refined charm and feminine flair, today’s featured cake has us blushing it’s so gorgeous.  Shades of pink, peach and mint highlight beautiful sugar flowers in full bloom.  Sugar flowers so fabulous, they cascade up the cake.  Growing in size from bottom to top.  This incredible mix of blossoms, colors and sizes adds a little touch of drama to a traditionally elegant design.  It’s a combination of blooms that has us cheering for variety and appreciating the unexpected.  And it comes to us from a baker making her first appearance here on the blog.  Let’s take a look at this lovely Pink, Peach and Mint Wedding Cake created by Ligia De Santis.

Peach & Mint Wedding Cake  |  by Ligia De Santis |

Ligia De Santis shares the inspiration for her design:

“For the creation of this cake I was inspired  by the beautiful amount of flowers seen in Holland in spring and summer, I specially found the combination of pink and mint very fresh and sophisticated.”

Peach & Mint Wedding Cake  |  by Ligia De Santis |

Ligia De Santis gives us the scoop on her technique:

“In this cake most of the flowers are recreated by looking at the original ones.  By doing so, they will look more natural and unique.

The big white peony with the phalaenopsis orchidea at the top in a cascade effect gives the cake dimension, together with the extra cake boards, creating the illusion that the cake is bigger than it actually is.”

Peach & Mint Wedding Cake  |  by Ligia De Santis |

Peach & Mint Wedding Cake  |  by Ligia De Santis |

Many thanks to Ligia for sharing her lovely Pink, Peach & Mint Cake with us today.  We love, love, love it!

Cake :  Ligia De Santis

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

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