The 11th Cake of Christmas

It’s our third annual holiday series…. The 12 Cakes of Christmas!!  We’re oohing and aahing over twelve marvelous cake designs, created especially for this series!  All brand new, never seen before, and created by some of your favorite bakers!    For our theme this year, we’re taking a moment to reflect on our favorite Christmas memories and traditions.  It’s a feel good month, celebrating the little things that make this season shine bright.  Each of our featured bakers was asked to create a cake based on a classic Christmas tradition.

We’re starting off the day with cake number eleven.  Our eleventh cake celebrates the traditional Christmas decor that hangs on our front door and welcomes guests into our home.  A circle of evergreens, twigs, flowers and leaves that creates a natural ring of beauty that looks and smells like the season.  The Eleventh Cake of Christmas was inspired by…. Wreaths!

Inspired by Wreaths | The 11th Cake of Christmas | by Miso Bakes | #12CakesOfChristmas

The eleventh cake in our series comes to us from Miso, owner of Miso Bakes located in Los Angeles, CA.  This is Miso’s second year to join our holiday series, as she inspired us to make this adorable mini snowman with her cake tutorial back in 2011.  In fact, Miso is well known here on the blog for her many DIY’s and tutorials, all sporting her minimalistic style and achievable techniques.  We’ve been loving Miso’s cakes for several years now and it’s easy to see why with so many lovely projects like her beautiful watercolor tutorial, her incredible birthday candles tutorial, this lemon slice tutorial… and on and on.  Spend a few moments browsing through all of her tutorials HERE and you’ll see too.  Today, Miso is back with another elegant and sophisticated design that is simply beautiful.  Proving that less is often more, Miso’s cake features clean lines and a single wreath of greens and glittery silver.  And a genius little use of fresh rosemary!  It’s time for The 11th Cake of Christmas!

Inspired by Wreaths | The 11th Cake of Christmas | by Miso Bakes | #12CakesOfChristmas

Miso of Miso Bakes shares the inspiration behind her design:

“Many Christmases ago, when I was a little girl, my family spent our Christmas holiday up in the mountains with family friends.  We rented a cabin and spent several days making snowmen, snow angels and shaking snow off evergreen branches.  However, the most memorable part of the trip was actually not the snow, but the wreaths hung on every cabin door.  After dinner every evening, we went for a walk around the little village of cabins.  By that hour, the sun was long gone and we were surrounded by the dark and a calming silence ultimately disturbed by the sound of our feet crunching through the snow.  While walking, I observed the wreaths hung on the front door of almost every cabin.  The gentle glow from the porch lights made the wreaths look so magical and inviting.”

Inspired by Wreaths | The 11th Cake of Christmas | by Miso Bakes | #12CakesOfChristmas

Inspired by Wreaths | The 11th Cake of Christmas | by Miso Bakes | #12CakesOfChristmas

Miso of Miso Bakes tells us about her technique:

“My inspiration for this cake was a Christmas wreath– and my interpretation was literal.  I added various shades of green to represent all the greenery I saw, and accented with different textures of silver to represent the snow and chill.

The silver evergreen branches on the wreath are actually rosemary colored with paint made from silver dust.  I extended the branches by adding floral wire to the bottom.  I then wrapped it in floral tape.  I did this so that the sprig of rosemary would not actually touch and alter the flavor of the cake.”

Inspired by Wreaths | The 11th Cake of Christmas | by Miso Bakes | #12CakesOfChristmas

Inspired by Wreaths | The 11th Cake of Christmas | by Miso Bakes | #12CakesOfChristmas

Thank you to Miso of Miso Bakes for creating this lovely design for our holiday series.  For sharing her memories with us.  And for teaching us so many fabulous techniques over the years!  You can find more of Miso’s tutorials HERE.

Only one cake remaining in our Christmas series this year.  If you’ve missed any of The 12 Cakes of Christmas, you can catch up HERE!

Cake :  Miso Bakes
Photography :  Sylvia G Photography
Inspiration Image :  Williams-Sonoma

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

Carrie Sellman is the Founder & Editor of The Cake Blog. Her work has been published in BRIDES Magazine, Country Living Magazine and featured online at People, Today, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, Real Simple, TLC, The Cooking Channel and more.


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