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Our contributor, Miso of Miso Bakes, is back with a fabulous new cake and some inspiring design tips:

Personally, I like to fuse ideas and concepts together. I love contrast and enjoy accenting my cakes with a pop of color, stripes, or some sort of texture. As a matter of fact, this cake was inspired by both rustic and winter wedding themes along with a touch of modern lines.

Black & White Wedding Design | by Miso Bakes

A winter wedding cake does not always have to be limited to a blue or white color scheme and  snowflakes– it’s okay to add a bit of color and use wintery elements to accent with. Here, to represent the chill, I covered sugarpaste bows with silver leaf and added clusters of silver brunia balls commonly used in winter wedding arrangements. As the name describes, silver brunia balls are usually light grey, but to add more color, a little more green was incorporated.

On the flipside, rustic wedding cakes do not always have to be composed of muted color tones, bark, lace, or burlap– it’s okay to add a bit of clean lines and use pops of silver rather than gold. Here, to convey a rustic feel, I chose to play with the color palette of the sugar flowers.

Black & White Wedding Design | by Miso Bakes

The great thing about weddings and wedding cakes is that it is totally okay to add a bit of personal flair to specific themes or to accent with personally favored elements of a theme. What truly matters is how the design elements of the wedding cake and props tie in together. For example, for a sophisticated-rustic wedding, instead of a traditional cake stand, this cake can be placed on a dark wine crate (similar in color to the table) on top of a black dresser. The cake can be surrounded by a mix of milk glass vases and clear vintage bud vases of different heights, shapes, and widths filled with a blossom or two or a few bare branches. A combination of hanging, or bolted, rustic and plain black frames can be used as the backdrop for the cake table. Anybody else envisioning what I am envisioning?

Black & White Wedding Design | by Miso Bakes
For a winter wedding, the cake can be placed on a white or light grey cake stand. Add some square white vases filled with white blossoms and accents of black privet berries and silver brunia balls and it will complement the cake. And perhaps desserts can be displayed on mirrored perfume trays or plain mirror squares. To add warmth to the look, the cake table or dessert table can be displayed in front, or on top, of a fireplace mantle– one that is not too high of course and one that is not lit!

Black & White Wedding Design | by Miso Bakes

Don’t be afraid to change things up a little for your wedding cake or for a cake design. Most people are far more creative than they think and a little tweaking can take something from ordinary to extraordinary.

Cake : Miso Bakes
Cake Stand : Sarah’s Stands


Miso is based in Los Angeles where she is a cake designer and teacher. She also travels internationally to share her craft and passion with others.


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    I absolutely love the contrast of rustic and elegance. There are so many options for creating a truly unique wedding cake. And, this cake is just gorgeous.

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    Rachel says

    This cake is very elegant. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in My Fairlady when she watches the horse races. I love it

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    Miso Bakes always produces clean lines and stunning work. Absolutely not exception here. Those horizontal lines are challenging enough but these are perfect. No wave, equal spacing. Perfection!

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