Delicate Lace Cake

Today’s feature is one of those cakes that just simply makes you smile and let out a small little sigh of cake love.  It’s ridiculously beautiful, from top to bottom and everywhere in between.  Creamy ivory fondant is accented with a soft grey bands and blush pink flowers.  While a scalloped topper showcases the couple’s monogram and a teeny-tiny Yorkie figurine looks on, sitting patiently and representing a gesture that all pet lovers can appreciate.  And then, there’s the lace.  Delicate.  Intricate.  Lace.  Inspired by the lace pattern on the bride’s veil, it is nothing less than gorgeous!  And it all comes to us from Robin Martin, owner of Gateaux Inc. in Plymouth, Minnesota.  Get ready to fall in love…

Lace Wedding Cake | by Gateaux Inc.

Robin of Gateaux Inc. tells us about her technique:

“This cake was for Tessie and Scott.  We traced the lace from the bride’s veil for the pattern and created the stencil from it.  On the veil, the floral pattern from the 9″ tier nested directly in the scallop pattern shown on the 12″ tier.  We decided to split the pattern between the two tiers, and had to warp the dimensions of the patterns so that they would still line up despite being on two different diameter cakes.  I also like the look of the patterns together, so I created a new mesh stencil that combines the two for use on one tier.”

Lace Wedding Cake | by Gateaux Inc.

Robin of Gateaux Inc. gives us the scoop on this little Yorkie:

“Tessie’s topper was done using one of our custom silk screens, and her sweetie Winston (the Yorkie) was hand-sculpted by me for a $75.00 donation to the ASPCA.  We’ve done a ton of pooches this year, and we donate the full price of the frosting doggy to the ASPCA, our pet (no pun intended) charity at Gateaux Inc.”

Lace Wedding Cake | by Gateaux Inc.

Lace Wedding Cake | by Gateaux Inc.

Isn’t it ridiculously beautiful?!  And as if stunning cake inspiration wasn’t enough, we have all of the details you need to create a lace cake yourself!  Just jump back to this fabulous DIY post from last August where Robin shares her lace stencil technique in a step-by-step tutorial.  You’ll be creating intricate lace designs before you know it!

A special thank you to Robin Martin of Gateaux Inc for inspiring us today!

Cake : Gateaux Inc.
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Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

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