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Top Cake Designs of 2013

Top Cakes of 2013 | Favorite Things Birthday | by Intricate Icings

Happy New Year!  We're excited to kick off another fabulous year of cake inspiration here on the blog!  But before we jump right in to new posts for 2014, we're taking a second look at the best of the best from 2013.  I’ve sifted through the 200+ posts from the last twelve months to find the ones ... Continue Reading

Golden Hexagon Cake

Gold & Mint Hexagon Cake | by Jessica Harris |

We're starting off the week with a cake that is nothing less than dreamy.  A fabulous blend of 2013's hottest trends and colors, today's feature unites crisp white and mint green with a small pinch of grey and a huge dash of gorgeous gold.  With a graphic print, so bold and sleek, you can't imagine ... Continue Reading

Sleek Ruffles & Stripes

Pink & Black Ruffles by Jessica Harris  |

Today's featured cake is one of those cakes.  You know the ones that I'm talking about.  The cakes where your where heart takes a little leap and you know instantly.  I am in love!  Maybe it's the clean lines.  Maybe it's the bold colors.  Maybe it's the sleek sophistication.  But this cake has ... Continue Reading

Best of 2012 : Number 10

Hot Air Balloon Cake by Jessica Harris  |

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  Filled with friends and family, laughter and delicious treats.  2013 is here and I’m quite excited about the upcoming year here on The Cake Blog!  Much has changed over the last year for this blog….  so many talented individuals have ... Continue Reading

7th Cake of Christmas

Star of Christmas Cake by Jessica Harris  |

The holiday inspiration continues with our newest cake series, The 12 Cakes of Christmas!  We’re celebrating twelve days of beautifully festive cakes, created especially to inspire you to holiday greatness!  Twelve talented bakers were asked to create innovative and elegant cake designs appropriate ... Continue Reading

Scooby-Doo! Birthday

Scooby Doo Birthday Cake

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?  We need some help from you now... we have a mystery on our hands!  An awesome birthday adventure awaits Scooby-Doo and the gang of kids at this adorably creative party hosted by Summer Stone.  (You may remember Summer from the Fashion Fairytale Party we featured ... Continue Reading


Up, Up and Away Baby Shower

Up, Up and Away Baby Shower Cake

Hold on to your hats because today's adorable baby shower is sure to blow you away!  Up, Up and Away, that is!  When I first received a note from Jessica Harris about this event... I knew it would be good!  We've had the pleasure to ooh and awe over Jessica's cakes in the past (see them here).  She ... Continue Reading

Maddie’s Fashion Fairytale

Paris Fashion Birthday Party Cake

Ooh la la! Today's party is pure girly fun and fashion-tastic!  The catwalks of Paris are brought to life as the birthday girl and her guests play dress up and strike a pose!  From their little black t-shirt dresses to signature lip gloss created from luster dust, this party is a little ... Continue Reading

From Plate to Cake

White China Cake by Jessicakes

We talk a lot about inspiration here at Half Baked.  Our site is meant to inspire you!  And time and time again we see that a great cake can be inspired by just about anything... an invitation, a pillow, name it!  Today's cake was inspired by a collection of ladylike stoneware plates ... Continue Reading

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