Fab Find: Cupcake Halloween Costume

I've been dying for it to be October because I have a rule about not rushing the season.  And since it is the 1st, I can begin posting great ideas for Halloween, without feeling like a pushy retailer who puts out Christmas decorations in September!  And what better way to kick off the Halloween ... Continue Reading

Fab Find: Follow That Cupcake!

As a society, we seem to be easily entranced by the latest and greatest trends. It seems like everyone has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Now, I realize as a blogger, I should be more into Twitter.... but really, is anyone actually interested in knowing what I'm doing ALL the time? Really? But ... Continue Reading

Fab Find: Patriotic Cupcake Wrappers

Since we've been talking about cupcakes, why stop now? It's easy to see why everyone is so enamored with these little treats. They're quick to bake, stress-free to transport and easy to serve. Now, they're also a cinch to decorate thanks to Cupcake Social's line of couture cupcake wrappers. I ... Continue Reading

Fab Find: White Cake Stands

Oh, how I love these adorable cake stands. Clean, simple and white. They set the stage for a stunning cake design as well as simple cookies or brownies. No matter what the treat, these stands will raise your desserts to a new level. {by number} Ruffled Pedestals from Crate and ... Continue Reading

Mother's Day Picnic

With winter finely ending and spring emerging, I've been itching to go on a picnic lately. My husband says to me "Are you Yogi Bear, or something?" because evidently I'm always suggesting that we go on a picnic. He thought that was sooo funny... (insert eye rolling here). But who can blame me? ... Continue Reading

Fab Find: Oreo Cookie Cake

Over the last few years, 3D cakes have become so popular. Even the grocery stores are cranking out 3D pirate ships and purses. But to make one at home might seem a little daunting. Carving a cake takes practice and oodles of patience....if you cut too much, there's no going back! So when I saw ... Continue Reading


Fab Find: Graphic Floral Plates

I'm loving these new graphic floral plates from Crate and Barrel. They just look like summer and boy am I ready for summer! They would be perfect for mix and matching, or select just one pattern and layer with larger white plates. Either way, they would be a fun addition to a Mother's Day brunch, ... Continue Reading

Party Must-Have: Hurricane Vases!

Some items are just so versatile they can be incorporated into any great party. After purchasing an extra large hurricane vase at TJMaxx for $9.99 (yes, it really was only ten bucks)... I started thinking of all the ways I could use this vase. The list is just endless! This timeless candle holder ... Continue Reading

Paper Divas!

I recently received several samples from the lovely people over at Wedding Paper Divas. Considering I've had their parent company, Tiny Prints, bookmarked in my favorites for some time now, I was excited to see what they had to offer. And needless to say, I was not disappointed! They offer ... Continue Reading

Learn Beautiful Cake Photography

Drab to Fab

Cupcakes and cupcake stands are definitely a hot trend for 2008. Cupcakes from a great bakery will look as fabulous as they taste. But sometimes budgets don't allow for great bakeries.... here is a clever way to turn a ho-hum grocery store cupcake into an elegant dessert. These delicate cupcake ... Continue Reading