Snow Owl 1st Birthday

Snow Owl First Birthday Cake by Fondant Flinger

Whoo...  Whoo...  Look whooo's turning one?!?  Oh my goodness, today's party is soooo incredibly adorable!  It's a snowy, winter dream filled with sweet owls and sweet treats!  Created by Rachel Skvaril of Fondant Flinger for her son's 1st birthday, this celebration is just dreamy!  A soft blue, ... Continue Reading

Sadie Had a Little Lamb

Little Lamb 1st Birthday Party

You may remember back in September when things got kind of quiet on the blog... and I mentioned my daughter's 1st birthday was coming up.  Our sweet little Sadie turned one, right in the middle of our move to Florida.  I debated for months whether or not we could swing a birthday party amidst all of ... Continue Reading

Barbershop Birthday Party

Vintage Barbershop Birthday Party

A barbershop for a man is like a salon for a woman.  It's a place to relax, socialize and be pampered (in a very manly way).  A place where a man can get a haircut,  a close shave and a good dose of guy talk.  Best of all, it can be a meaningful experience shared between father and son creating ... Continue Reading

Maddie’s Fashion Fairytale

Paris Fashion Birthday Party Cake

Ooh la la! Today's party is pure girly fun and fashion-tastic!  The catwalks of Paris are brought to life as the birthday girl and her guests play dress up and strike a pose!  From their little black t-shirt dresses to signature lip gloss created from luster dust, this party is a little ... Continue Reading

My Lil Sunshine 1st Birthday Party

Little Sunshine 1st Birthday Party

With kids heading back to school, it’s starting to feel like summer is almost over.  I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for that!  So I thought we’d bask in the sun just a little bit longer with a party that is all about sunshine!  From the sun streaming down on a gorgeous day in Hollywood Hills to ... Continue Reading

Real Party: Neapolitan Birthday

Neapolitan Birthday Party

Today's Real Party is an intimate birthday party with vintage charm.  Created by Lisa of Moore Minutes for her mother's birthday, this sweet little event includes feminine details and soft colors.  A small group of close friends gathered at a Victorian coffee house for girl talk, coffee and sweets.  ... Continue Reading


Real Party: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

With the world's eyes fixed on London and all of the Royal Wedding talk, I thought this party would be fitting for today.  This adorable tea party was created by Daria Bishop, a talented Vermont photographer, for her daughter's 12th birthday.  This party has it all... cheerful colors, whimsical ... Continue Reading

Real Party: Angry Birds Birthday

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Today's Real Party is a playful birthday inspired by some angry birds and evil green pigs.  This adorable event was created by Debbie, of Save the Date Events, for her daughter's 3rd birthday.  Featuring an amazing cake by Intricate Icings, this party brings the game Angry Birds to life! Here is ... Continue Reading

Real Party: Rainbows & Unicorns

Rainbows and Unicorns Birthday Party

It's that time of the year again....time for another a-ma-zing birthday party created by Jessica Levitt.  If you've been reading Half Baked over the years, you are familiar with Jessica by now.  But for those of you who are new followers, let me introduce you to one very talented lady!  Jessica is a ... Continue Reading

Learn Beautiful Cake Photography

Real Party: Fire Truck Birthday

Firetruck Birthday

I was thrilled to find today's Real Party in my Inbox because it is a red hot classic!  Kristin Mika from Hampton Paper Designs hosted this adorable Fire Truck Party for her son Jackson's 4th birthday.  It's simple and stylish yet playful at the same time.  Charming water color illustrations are ... Continue Reading