Modern Snow White Cake

Modern Snow White Wedding Cake

Mirror mirror on the wall.  Who is the fairest of them all?  Why, today's cake of course! Today's featured cake is a modern Snow White theme that will take your breath away!  We're not talking singing woodland animals and Disney characters here.  This cake is more befitting the original Brothers ... Continue Reading

Honeycomb & Gilded Bee Cake

Honeycomb & Golden Bee Wedding Cake

When I first saw today's featured cake, I instantly wanted a re-do on my own wedding cake!  When it comes to cake style, my first love will always be simple sophistication.   Timeless.  Classic.  Elegant.  With its subtle use of pattern and great white-on-white texture, today's design by Erin ... Continue Reading

Blushing Wedding Cake

Romantic Blush Wedding Cake | by Lovely Cakes

We're starting off the week with a big spoonful of cake love!  Today's beauty has all of the ingredients to make our hearts flutter.  A soft color palette of whites, creams and light blush paired with delightfully delicate details.  Small ruffled flowers intermix with  larger 'fabric' flowers in ... Continue Reading

Quilled Flower Cake

Pink Ombre Cake with Modern Flowers

Today is the first day of Spring!  We're welcoming in the new season with gorgeous cake perfect for any springtime event.  Created by Kristin Kirkpatrick of Fat Girl Cakes, today's cake is new and definitely fresh!  Rolls of fondant are wrapped, grouped, stacked and swirled to create an intricate ... Continue Reading

Wood Grain & White: A Rustic Wedding Cake

Rustic Wedding Cake, Flowers & Wood Grain

We're starting the week off right with a gorgeous cake from a bakery with a very appropriate name.  Renata of Lovely Cakes in Norwalk, Connecticut, has a knack for creating just that.... lovely cakes!  Today's cake has a natural feminine charm that would be perfect for any rustic wedding.  With ... Continue Reading

From Flowers… to Cake

Winter White Floral Wedding Cake | by Erica O'Brien

Whether it's February 14th or 15th, love is in the air everyday here on the blog.  Cake love that is!  As we usher out Valentine's day, don't be sad.  Today's cake will make your heart equally as happy!  It's another great example of how beauty inspires beauty! We talk a whole lot about inspiration ... Continue Reading


From Dress… to Cake

Dress Ruching Bridal Cake

We talk about inspiration day after day because, well...  Half Baked is meant to inspire you!  Whether we get a peek at the hand drawn sketches or a few thoughts shared by the baker, I love exploring the inspiration behind a cake.  So what happens when you take a gorgeous wedding dress and translate ... Continue Reading

DIY: Frilly Handmade Carnations

Elegant Sugar Flowers | by Miso Bakes

Today's post is twice the treat!  Not only do we have a beautiful new cake design to showcase, but we're going to learn something new as well!  Our contributor, Miso of Miso Bakes, created this incredible cake and is kindly sharing one of her techniques with us.  So once we finish swooning over ... Continue Reading

Snowy Winter White Cake

Winter White Wedding Cake | by Hey There, Cupcake!

With Arctic air making its way across the country, wreaking havoc with cold temperatures, ice and snow... I thought we'd wrap up with week with a little bit of snow we can all enjoy!  With a soft glow and subtle shimmer, today's cake captures the magical beauty of a white winter.  White-on-white ... Continue Reading

Learn Beautiful Cake Photography

Fresh & Feminine Cake Table

Peach Birthday Dessert Table

Nothing cures the Monday blues like a big dose of pretty!  And that's exactly what we have in store for you today.  We're starting off the week with a romantic dessert table to make you swoon!  With buttercream frills, ruffled rosette swirls and ombre, this display will steal your heart.  The soft ... Continue Reading