So you’d like to have your cake featured on The Cake Blog for all to see.  Here’s the scoop on what to include in your submission.

  • At least 3 or 4 high-res, color images of the cake.  No watermarks or logos please.  Include several different angles and/or different styling.  Include a few close ups of the detail work, if possible.  The more photos, the better.
  • If your attachment is larger than 5 megabytes, please send it via (it’s free!) or a similar file sharing service.
  • Include a few quote-worthy thoughts about your design.  Tell us about your inspiration, a technique used or the event where it was served.  If you’re not sure where to start with this, you can see examples of what other bakers have shared in any of the cake posts on the blog.
  • Include a list of all vendors to be listed in the credits.  Photographers, Event Planners, Florists, etc.  Please include their business name AND website url.
  • Your business name, website address, Facebook page and Twitter page.
  • Please note if your cake has already been featured on and/or submitted to any additional sites for publication.  This includes bridal blogs, party blogs, cake decorating forums, your own website, Facebook, etc.
  • Email your complete submission to

Due to the high volume of cake submissions I receive, please keep the following points in mind:

  • There is only one of me and hundreds of thousands of you.  However, I do look at every submission and try my best to send a response to each and every one.  One way or the other.  It may take 2 to 3 weeks to hear back regarding your submission.   Please resist the urge to email again, to get a status update.  It only further clogs my inbox and delays my responses to everyone.   If you have not heard anything after 3 weeks, please do send a note to make sure your submission made it through.  Technical glitches, spam boxes, and the like can occasionally cause a submission to be missed.
  • I am simply not able to feature all of the cakes that I would like to!  If your design is not chosen for a feature, that does not mean that I did not like it. Or that your design is any less lovely than any other cake.  Cakes are chosen based on technique, themes, trends, and the current season.
  • Submit your best work.  Even if that means waiting until you have a design that you know is good!
  • If your design is not chosen for a feature, please feel free to submit additional cakes in the future.  The blog schedule changes often and your next cake might just be the one that gets featured!
  • Here are some additional TIPS to help your cake stand out from the crowd!

I’d love to feature your real party – whether it is a birthday, shower, wedding or holiday.  There is only one catch.  It has to include a great cake, unique cupcakes or a stellar dessert bar.  It’s all about the sweets here!  Please send your best photos and a brief write up about your event.  Please include a list of vendors with links.  Please let us know if your event has already been featured on or submitted to another site.  Email your complete submission to

I’m always looking for great new recipes and tutorials to share with the readers of The Cake Blog.  Please submit your best ideas for review to