Grey Ombre Ruffles

Today’s feature is pretty spectacular. Yeah, spectacular is truly the only word that can describe this cake. Or maybe phenomenal is more appropriate? All I know is that I was in love from the moment I first spotted it on Instagram. (Yeah, I finally took the plunge. I’m on Instagram now! Come join me here.) So needless to say, I was completely elated when these images landed in my inbox. Because I have a feeling that you’re going to love it too! Shades of grey fade to white, creating a soft, neutral ombre. While softly curved ruffles wrap around each tier, ever so gracefully, creating a delicate rose-like appearance. With just a little flare on each individual frill. It comes to us from Charlotte Tyson of Sugar Ruffles, and I’ll say it again…. it’s simply spectacular. Let the swooning begin!