300 Layer French Crepe Cake

Oh my goodness, prepare yourself for today’s post!  I absolutely loved this cake the moment I saw it and have a feeling you will too.  This non-traditional wedding cake has a rustic, vintage feel to it while still being ultra elegant and feminine.  And I can only imagine how delicious it was!  Over 300 layers of  light golden brown crepes filled with lavender & Madagascar vanilla bean infused cream and dusted with powered sugar.  Is your mouth watering yet?  Stacked high and topped with organic lavender sprigs, we love this 300 Layer French Crepe Cake created by Kate Dunbar, owner of Petite Rêve Chocolates in Ventura. California.
300 Layer Crepe Cake by Petite Rêve Chocolates

Kate only makes one wedding cake at her bakery, the French Crepe Cake.   The crepes are made fresh from clarified butter, high quality flour, farm fresh eggs and a few secret ingredients.  This cake is completely non traditional and truly unforgettable.  I absolutely love how the layers of crepe create a slightly ruffled appearance!  Here are a few thoughts from Kate about her inspiration for this cake:

“Crepes have a special place in my memory.  My Grandmother would make them and when she would escape to France she would come home telling me all about the amazing crepes she had.  I guess that is why this cake meant so much to me to make, I was given total control with the guidance of “make it look amazing and one of a kind”.  I believe I did just that.

My inspiration three words; Lady M Confections, New York.  I have been a HUGE fan of their creations and I do remember Martha Stewart (yes I love her) showcasing her creation and making a version of it on her show… TADA there it was my second introduction to the crepe cake.”

300 Layer Crepe Cake by Petite Rêve Chocolates

A few thoughts from Kate about her first attempt at creating her signature Crepe Cake:

“My first attempt was a disaster, I think I should have gone to the hospital.  I burnt my fingers almost 3rd degree burns but it was worth it!!!  Out of the batter that could have made 50 light, buttery and golden melt in your mouth crepes…I had 5 floppy sad things.  But I was set to make it and make it perfect (Martha again). The next day success!  50 beautiful, light buttery golden round crepes and my family’s jaw dropped to the floor when I presented the cake to them.”

300 Layer Crepe Cake by Petite Rêve Chocolates
Kate describes her crepes as sweet, light, buttery, golden and just delicious.  The fillings range from vanilla pastry cream to Limoncello lemon curd, dark chocolate pastry cream and whip cream with dark chocolate shavings.  Can you imagine indulging in a slice of this cake?  With all of the delicate layers, it looks lovely plated as well….
300 Layer Crepe Cake by Petite Rêve Chocolates
A few last thoughts from Kate:

“I love creating this cake.  Its a blood, sweat and tears accomplishment and the end result has always been a bride and groom completely speechless and their guests wondering where can I get that cake!”

A very special thank you to Kate Dunbar, of Petite Rêve Chocolates, for sharing her incredible 300 Layer French Crepe Cake with us today!  Thanks also to the talented ladies at Lavender & Twine Photography for sharing their stunning images with us!

Cake:  Petite Rêve Chocolates
Photography:  Lavender & Twine
See the Full Wedding:  Love & Lavender

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