Welcome: My Little Love

My Little Love Party Supplies

Half Baked is thrilled to announce another great addition to our growing list of sponsors.  This online boutique is all about my my favorite things.... parties and cake!  My Little Love offers all of the charming party supplies and oh-so-cute details you see in today's best parties!  From mini ... Continue Reading

Sneak Peek: Sadie’s 1st Birthday

Sadie's Birthday Preview

It's going to be a big day here tomorrow...  my sweet little Sadie is turning one next week!  I can hardly believe she is almost a year old.  This year has just flown by at whirlwind speed!   I almost didn't  plan a party (gasp!) due to everything we have going on right now.  We're moving to Miami ... Continue Reading

Fall Apple Inspiration

Over the weekend, we took my daughter to the local orchard for her first apple picking experience!  She absolutely loved it and even picked several apples herself!  All apples were placed into our basket via her little hands.  Talk about a.dor.able!  She sure does know how to melt mommy's heart.  ... Continue Reading

Welcome: Amanda Oakleaf Cakes

Modern Striped Wedding Cake by Amanda Oakleaf Cakes

Half Baked is excited to announce the newest addition to our Top Tier Cake Directory!  This cake shop is seriously all about the fun!  From the talented team of bakers and cake designers to their mascot!  (Yes, you read that right... the shop mascot is known as Dr. Fresh.)  Most importantly, the ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Chocolate Cheesecake Turtle Cupcakes

Chocolate Cheesecake Turtle Cupcake Recipe

Our cupcake contributor, Lauren of Crave. Indulge. Satisfy, is baking up something sweet today... I must admit, I was a little stumped with a cupcake recipe for the month of September!  It's the time of year where summer is coming to a close so you are no longer in the mood for fresh and fruity ... Continue Reading

Bold, Daring & New: Entrement Cakes

Graphic Art Entremet Cake by MRobin Cakes

Over the years, I've seen a few cakes.  And just when I think I've seen everything, I realize that creative minds are always working to push new boundaries.   That's why I love introducing you to new ideas and trends.  And oh my, today is going to be a very trendy day!!  When I first saw today's ... Continue Reading


Inspiration: Fresh Autumn Wedding

It's like someone flipped a switch and suddenly fall has arrived in Central Illinois... the weather here has cooled off like crazy in the last week!  Our dinners out on the patio have quickly come to a halt and I found myself shopping yesterday for long sleeve tops for my daughter!  She's been ... Continue Reading

Welcome: The Pastry Studio

The Pastry Studio - Daytona Beach, FL

Half Baked is excited to announce the newest addition to our Top Tier Cake Directory!  If you're a regular reader, you're probably already familiar with this charming cake shop in Daytona Beach.  We've had the privilege to feature some of their cakes in the past.... like this adorable candy buttons ... Continue Reading

Sweet Snippets: Using Leftover Buttercream

Scrap Buttercream cake by Miso Bakes

Our contributor, Miso of Miso Bakes, is sharing some helpful tips to put extra buttercream to good use.  Enjoy.... Don't you hate it when you have awkward amounts of tinted buttercream left over?  Most always it's a tad too much to toss, but not enough to store in a tub. So, what do I do?  I ... Continue Reading

Learn Beautiful Cake Photography

Barbershop Birthday Party

Vintage Barbershop Birthday Party

A barbershop for a man is like a salon for a woman.  It's a place to relax, socialize and be pampered (in a very manly way).  A place where a man can get a haircut,  a close shave and a good dose of guy talk.  Best of all, it can be a meaningful experience shared between father and son creating ... Continue Reading