Halloween Week : Glittery Glam

Today is day three in our new cake series, EEEK It’s Halloween Week!  Five talented bakers were asked to create new designs inspired by Halloween.  To bring the spirit of the holiday to life in a modern cake design like none we had seen before.  Each baker was given a basic black and white color scheme and a specific genre, creating a week of inspiring cakes for everyone.  So far we’ve seen the Classic Halloween category followed by the Modern Chic.  And today we’re moving on to Glittery Glam!!

This third Halloween cake comes to us from Rachael Teufel, owner of Intricate Icings Cake Design in Erie, Colorado.  Rachael has been inspiring us with her beautiful cakes for years now (like this tangerine and turquoise tango and this sugar burlap cake).  Once again, Rachael has us swooning over her sophisticated interpretation and elegant style.  While we’ve featured many dress-inspired cakes in the past (Rachael’s ruched design included), today’s feature takes the ‘From Dress to Cake’ concept to a whole new level!  It’s, by far, the most creative dress-inspired cake yet… and I simply cannot get enough!  Who knew a fashion icon could inspire a Halloween cake?  A fabulous Oscar De La Renta gown is transformed into a seriously wicked Halloween design, with sleek black and white stripes that will make your head spin!  Accented with just the right amount of purple glitter and flying bats, this cake is one part Beetlejuice and two parts Glittery Glam!

Okay, okay.  Quiet down with all that squealing.  Oh wait, that was me squealing!  For the umpteenth time!  Seriously.  Can you believe this cake!?!

Rachael of Intricate Icings gives us the insider scoop on her design:

“Glitz and Glam is totally up my ally when it comes to cake designs and I love a little sparkle, but then again what girl doesn’t?  I also love having an inspiration piece to guide my design process.  When I think of glitz and glam, I think of those gorgeous gowns on the red carpet.  I thought using a new fashion trend from 2013 would be glamorous, so I chose a gown designed by Oscar De La Renta, one of the world’s leading fashion designers.  This black and white striped gown even has a bit of a Beetle-juice feel to it … perfect for Halloween.”

Rachael of Intricate Icings talks about her technique:

“I first covered the cake in white fondant.  I added a piece of purple for the under-skirting and then used modeling chocolate to form the flowing fabric at the bottom of the dress.  Each black modeling chocolate stripe was hand placed onto the dress.  I hand cut two bats and glittered them along with the under-skirting using edible glitter of course.”

Seriously?!!  We just have to pause and talk about these stripes.  I love striped cakes and this is the ultimate in stripes.  Vertical stripes – check.  Horizontal stripes – check.  Diagonal stripes – check and check.  Softly flowing draped stripes?  Yep, got those too.  Folds upon folds of stripes…. seriously?  Oh my stripe-loving-goodness!  Talk about spectacular!   Just look how the front bottom fold lines up with the underlying stripes to create a perfect V!  The precision and attention to detail in these stripes is phenomenal!

If I had a ‘Queen of Stripes’ crown, I would now place it on Rachael’s head.  She has definitely earned the title with this cake!  Her impeccably tailored stripes, coupled with the purple glitter and glam bats, create the perfect cross between Beetlejuice and stylish wicked witch.  It’s Glittery Glam Halloween to the max!

A special thank you to Rachael of  Intricate Icings Cake Design for the breathtaking, glittery glam inspiration!  And to Revert Imaging for the incredible photography!

Cake:  Intricate Icings Cake Design
Photography:  Revert Imaging

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

Carrie Sellman is the Founder & Editor of The Cake Blog. Her work has been published in BRIDES Magazine, Country Living Magazine and featured online at People, Today, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, Real Simple, TLC, The Cooking Channel and more.


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    Celeste says

    honestly this cake makes me want to bow down and never attempt a cake again. that’s how completely amazing it is. “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy” I can’t even understand how it was accomplished. Honestly. I feel like Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love after Ryan Gosling takes his shirt off.

  2. 3


    Thanks so much for the wonderful comments and the fabulous post Carrie! Celeste, I promise it’s not ‘Photoshoped’ 😉 Wink Wink! I covered the cake with fondant first and then added strips of modeling chocolate. I have a very level eye, which bodes well in designs like these. –Rachael

  3. 8


    I can’t stop looking at those stripes. They are so perfect! Every time I attempt stripes, I wind up in tears. Your work is amazing. You even made “sophisticated” bats.


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