DIY: Sparkling Glitter Acorns

Our contributor, Erin Gardner of Wild Orchid Baking Company, is here with a glittery new tutorial for you.  A sparkling addition to your holiday dessert tables and displays…

DIY Sparkling Glitter Acorns  |  by Erin Gardner

If you’re a cake designer, you totally understand that inspiration can strike at the strangest times!  I had one of those moments not too long ago strolling through the store, shopping for Christmas decorations with my son. I literally stopped in my tracks when I spotted a twisted branch wreath decorated with the most darling little glittered acorns. Did I stop and whip out my cell phone and start taking pictures like a crazy person because I wanted this wreath hanging on my front door? Nope!  I stopped in my tracks because I thought, “I can make those acorns!” Cue the chocolate and disco dust.

DIY Sparkling Glitter Acorns  |  by Erin Gardner

DIY Sparkling Glitter Acorns  |  by Erin Gardner

a DIY by Erin Gardner


Chocolate fondant (or modeling chocolate)
White disco dust
Silver disco dust
1” diameter button mold

STEP 1:  Pinch off a small piece of chocolate fondant (about the size of a large pea) and press into the button mold.  Bend back the mold to release the little chocolate round. Use the tip of a knife to help the chocolate round out if needed. Set aside.

TIP :  I used a Martha Stewart mold from Michaels, but I played around with a bunch of other molds and really anything the right size with a little bit of texture would do.

STEP 2:  Pinch off another piece of chocolate fondant about the size of a peanut and roll between your fingers to form a little ovalDip one end of the chocolate oval into either the white or silver disco dust.

STEP 3:  Place the chocolate button over the undipped end of the chocolate oval and press around the edges to secure.  Brush on a dab of water if the button isn’t sticking.

STEP 4:  Pinch the center of the chocolate button to create the little acorn stem.

STEP 5:  Your glittering acorns are now complete!  Add to any holiday display for a touch of sparkle and a glittery snow effect.  These are the perfect garnish around your cake stand or holiday table.

PLEASE NOTE!!  As with any project using disco dust, these glittering acorns are not intended for consumption.  Disco dust is a non-toxic glitter often used on decorative cake garnishes and display cakes.  These dusts are not FDA approved.  They are not a food product and should not be considered edible.  But they add a nice touch of sparkle to items that can easily be removed from a cake or dessert.

DIY Sparkling Glitter Acorns  |  by Erin Gardner

DIY Sparkling Glitter Acorns  |  by Erin Gardner

Erin Gardner , CONTRIBUTOR

Erin Gardner is a pastry chef and cake designer. Her main focus is where she shares fun and accessible recipes and techniques. Read more about Erin on her bio page.


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    Erin, what at great project and idea! So beautiful! I will use this in my own cake decorating techniques! I always look for ways to do things and translate to cake decorating! Thanks so much! You are such an artist!

  2. 4

    Kimberly says

    Maybe, so we can eat these creative little things, what if edible golf leaf was used? I think I will try that for an upcoming outdoor wedding, as decoration on the naked cakes. Thanx for inspiration, the bride really wanted the gold leaf used.

  3. 5

    Rae says

    Thanks so much for making it clear that these can’t be eaten when coated in disco dust, which is actually just overpriced plastic craft glitter.

    Edible gold leaf would work, but other alternatives would be edible glitter made from gum arabic, sanding sugar pumped up using FDA approved edible luster/pearl dust, or gelatin.

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