Ivory & Champagne Ruffles

Happy Monday!  We’re kick starting your day with some beautiful wedding cake inspiration.  Scratch that.  Today’s cake isn’t just beautiful.  It’s more like a breathtaking!  And it will definitely have you dreaming of pretty cakes all week long.  Tall, slender tiers are stacked ever so gracefully.  While shades of champagne fade to ivory in rows upon rows of fondant frills.  Two and a half tiers of frilly frills, to be exact.  And then there’s the flowers.  Oh my goodness, these flowers!  Big, dramatic blooms perfectly accented with delicate wisps of vine piping.  It all comes to us from Jacki Fanto, owner of Blissfully Sweet Cakes located in Sydney, Australia.  Jacki created this beauty for her nephew’s wedding and she’s here today to share it with you!  So let’s enjoy this Ivory & Champagne Ruffle Cake.

Ivory and Champagne Ruffled Wedding Cake | by Blissfully Sweet

 Jacki of Blissfully Sweet shares the inspiration behind her design:

“Making cakes is a privilege.  A privilege to be invited to be included in people’s special celebrations.  To make such a special cake for such a special family member, is truly the icing on the cake!!!!

So when it came to designing the cake, I had my beautiful new niece in mind.   Kate is a timeless and elegant girl and her style is simple and elegant and I wanted to make the wedding cake just that. Kate showed me a few pics of some styles that she liked and then I designed a cake that would fit with everything she swooned over.”

Ivory and Champagne Ruffled Wedding Cake | by Blissfully Sweet

Jacki of Blissfully Sweet give us the scoop on her techniques:

“The result was a four tiered cake that even took my breath away!  All in tones of ivory and champagne, the ruffles came from the bottom all the way to the middle of the 3rd tier.  The 3rd and 4th tiers have a lustered finish with a simple vine piped pattern.  Kate loves roses and peonies so my 2 main flowers were a stylized blooms based on this.  The centers were all ruffled petals with big oversized petals encircling them.  I then made clusters of different sized petals to place around these blooms for volume.”

Ivory and Champagne Ruffled Wedding Cake | by Blissfully Sweet

Ivory and Champagne Ruffled Wedding Cake | by Blissfully Sweet

More from Jacki of Blissfully Sweet:

“Also at the request of the stunning bride, was the cake flavors!  The cake is a nutella/vanilla cake layered with nutella buttercream and covered in milk chocolate ganache as well as a lemon sour cream cake layered with white chocolate ganache and fresh lemon curd.”


Ivory and Champagne Ruffled Wedding Cake | by Blissfully Sweet

A special thank you to Jacki Fanto of Blissfully Sweet Cakes for sharing her Ivory & Champagne Ruffle Cake with us today.  We are beyond smitten!

Cake & Photography : Blissfully Sweet

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

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