Wafer Paper Flower Cake

LOVE.  It’s funny how one word can say so much.  And when it comes to today’s featured cake, this one word says it all.  From its simplistic beauty to the modern color scheme, there is just so much to love about this cake.  Crisp, extra tall tiers are covered in pristine white fondant, creating a canvas for the gorgeous details to come.  LOVE, written in black script letters, conveys a sweet message appropriate for weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.  Really, any day is a great day to celebrate love.  And then there’s the incredible flowers!  Stunning ranunculus and roses created with edible wafer paper in a bold mix of patterns.  Everything from florals to polka dots, stripes and solids, in black and white with just a touch of blush pink.  Love!

It all comes to us from Stevi Auble, owner of Hey there, Cupcake! located in San Diego.  We’ve been loving on Stevi’s cakes for several years now and it’s easy to see why, with designs like this cake from our Christmas series, and this winter white cake.   Oh, and we can’t forget her shimmering silver snow cake, from early 2012.  Stevi leads the way when it comes to designing cakes with edible papers such as rice paper and wafer paper.  And now this trendsetter is back again today, with another fabulous new wafer paper design.  And well, I think you’re going to love it!

Wafer Paper Flower Cake | by Hey There, Cupcake!

Stevi of Hey there, Cupcake! shares the inspiration behind her design:

“This cake was designed out of my love for negative space, clean modern design and contrast.  The top tiers were covered in bright white fondant to give the hand scripted “love” and multi patterned wafer flower covered bottom tier a chance to really stand out.”

Stevi of Hey there, Cupcake! tells us about her technique:

“The wafer flowers made with printed paper are a combination of the stylized ranunculus, open rose and rolled rose taught in my online Craftsy class. The flowers give a lot of visual impact with their mixed prints and the texture they create when compiled together to completely cover the bottom tier.”

Wafer Paper Flower Cake | by Hey There, Cupcake!

Wafer Paper Flower Cake | by Hey There, Cupcake!

If you’ve fallen head over heels for this design, you’ll be thrilled to hear that you can now learn how to make it.  Stevi is teaching an online class at Craftsy and sharing all of her insider tips, tricks and techniques!  We’ve been loving her wafer paper flowers for years now, intrigued by her techniques and fascinated with all of the possibilities.  And now Stevi is showing us how it is done!  You’ll learn how to use wafer paper to make gorgeous flowers like the ranunculus, peony, open rose and rolled rose in a matter of minutes.  Plus die-cut patterns and decoupaging with wafer paper.  Seriously, the sky is the limit with this technique!  Below is a link to get you started.

Delicate Wafer Paper Flowers with Stevi Auble

Happy wafer paper flower making!  Special thanks to Stevi Auble of Hey there, Cupcake!  for sharing her gorgeous design with us and inspiring us to learn something new!

Cake :  Hey there, Cupcake!
Learn From This Baker:  Delicate Wafer Paper Flowers with Stevi Auble on Craftsy

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

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    Sasha A. Rae says

    What a wonderful cake decoration! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, my favorite holiday, lol. Thanks for sharing.

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