Pastel Zig Zag Cake

Today’s feature will seriously make your heart skip a beat.  It’s simply just that beautiful!  A modern chevron cake created with individual triangles, cut and placed with meticulous detail, to form vertical zig zags aligned just so.  Shades of soft pastels are hand painted, adding layers of depth and movement with each and every hue.

It comes to us from Allison Kelleher, owner of AK Cake Design in Portland.  Allison is an absolute master when it comes to geometric patterns.  We’ve been loving on Allison’s attention to detail and precision since 2011, so much so that she joined our talented team of contributors last year.  We initially fell for her pattern-making skills during our 4th of July series back in 2012.  This Americana cake was our first glimpse at Allison’s quilt-like mosaic technique and we’ve so enjoyed watching her style grow and evolve over the last two years.  We swooned over her color block cake and just about died over her candy cane cake.  And as amazingly bold as these cakes are, we also loved seeing Allison’s softer side in her watercolor cake tutorial.  Well today’s cake is the perfect combination of all this beauty.  It’s both geometrically gorgeous and ultra feminine.  Let’s take a look!

Pastel Zig Zag Cake | by Allison Kelleher of AK Cake Design | on

Allison of AK Cake Design shares the inspiration behind her design:

“My Zig Zag cake was inspired by artist Ana Montiel’s painting, VM81.  I love the way she blends her colors and bleeds them into one another to create a softness within the geometry.”

Ana Montiel

Allison of AK Cake Design tells us about her technique:

“My goal with this cake was to use my mosaic method but to really change the look and feel of the cake with layered painting techniques. I used a combination of wet painting (my ‘drip motif’ method) and dry painting to soften the lines and find a balance between geometric precision and a more feminine feel.”

Pastel Zig Zag Cake | by Allison Kelleher of AK Cake Design | on

Pastel Zig Zag Cake | by Allison Kelleher of AK Cake Design | on

Pastel Zig Zag Cake | by Allison Kelleher of AK Cake Design | on

If you’ve fallen head over heals for this design, you’ll be thrilled to hear that you can now learn how to make it.  Allison is teaching an online class at Craftsy and sharing all of her insider tips, tricks and techniques!  We’ve been loving her modern patterns for years now, intrigued by her techniques and fascinated with all of the possibilities.  And now Allison is showing us how it is done!  You’ll learn how to create wow-worthy patterns with ultimate precision and super clean lines.  Add color with Allison’s painting methods and start making fabulous geometric cakes today.  Below is a link to get you started.

Modern Mosaic Cakes with Allison Kellher on Craftsy

Happy modern mosaic cake making!  Special thanks to Allison Kelleher of AK Cake Design for sharing her gorgeous design with us and inspiring us to learn something new!

Cake:  AK Cake Design
Learn From This Baker : Modern Mosaic Cakes with Allison Kellher on Craftsy

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    I love your blog, everything I have tries so far has been amazing. All the cakes you’ve posted is so perfect for any occasion. Hopefully you can share with us your cake ingredients and procedures.

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