I Want to Feature…. YOUR Party!

That’s right, I’m spicing things up a little with a new feature called ‘Real Parties’. This covers everything from birthday parties to baby showers, bridals showers, baptisms, anniversaries, holidays, and of course weddings! The type of events that will be showcased are those with that extra little something… the ones where your guests are swooning over how clever you are – Miss Hostess! The event where you’ve either found the perfect item or better yet, made the perfect item that is truly a show stopper. This is not about your party budget… I’d love to feature both small and intimate gatherings as well as large, over the top bashes. More importantly, I’m looking for creative and clever… chic and modern.

If this sounds like your party, please submit your photos to me for consideration. Tell me about everything… the invitations, the decorations, food, favors and cake. Your party just may be featured on Half Baked!

**Please Note: Before submitting photos, please make sure you have the proper authority to do so! If the photos are the work of a professional, please contact the photographer for approval and then provide me their information so I can give credit where credit is due! For all photos that include your friends and family, please make sure they approve of having their image on the web. By submitting your photos, I assume you have done your due diligence!

I look forward to seeing and sharing your outstanding parties! You can forward your photos and party details to carrie@thecakeblog.com

Carrie Sellman , Founder & Editor

Carrie Sellman is the Founder & Editor of The Cake Blog. Her work has been published in BRIDES Magazine, Country Living Magazine and featured online at People, Today, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, Real Simple, TLC, The Cooking Channel and more.


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    It’s me again…wanted to send you the link to the “Lemonade & Sunshine” party I recently hosted. You were SO kind to feature the “la petite boulangerie” party I did and I had wanted to give you the heads-up on this party before it got featured elsewhere but it took off like wild fire…

    I just wanted to contact you personally to apologize for not having sent it to you sooner…


    Pen N’ Paperflowers

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